…on the mission is not a thing. Sorry, Darling. EXCEPT it kind of is because Sister Dumas and I had the BEST costumes ever. I was: SISTER DUMAS. Yep. It was so original, and has not been done a million times before. (JK, it is so classic missionary that it kind of hurts my brain. But, it was still good.) So we just switched tags and laughed the entire day. CatsStreet contacts were HILARIOUS “Sou sister az- ummm- DUMAS”. So, we still tried to have a good jolly time. WE ALSO GOT TRICK OR TREATERS. Except that really, Portuguese people do not actually dress up in costumes, and they come and sing this creepy chant song in front of your door so I was actually kind of scared to answer the door to three 12 year old black kids chanting. But we did, and then we gave them digestive cookies because that is all we had to offer. They liked it.

Anyways, COIMBRA. COIMBRA is sick guys. So, you know how in Harry Potter everyone wears those freaking cloaks and we just assume it is because the are wizards. It is not. It is because JK Rowling wrote the book HERE in Coimbra, and people wear CLOAKS to school. It is a thing here. The university students do it. It is so cool. I see like, twenty wizards a day. So, be jealous. Also, other great stuff about moving and Coimbra and blah blah blah:

1. I found all my bobby pins, which was nice. Seriously, I had FIVE and ONE hair tie for my entire time on Madeira. It was really stressful, but I worked through it.

2. I have socks again! That was really, really nice. I really missed socks and also it is so freezing here that I have to wear three pairs. In the house. Because we do not have a heater. Cool. Portugal. What can you do, am I right?

3. I am planning a WEDDING. Stefon, our investigator, has to get married so he can follow the law of chastity and we are planning his wedding! YES! I am so super pumped. If anyone has any ideas on how to make a wedding cute with like, NOTHING to work with, that would be great (Kylee.. I am looking at YOU!)

4. The ward is so good. They are so excited about missionary work and always want to help and it is awesome. It is way different than Madeira, because we have third generation members here! It is really just sick! I am excited to work here. Also, all the missionaries here are hilarious.

5. Sister Dumas. She is really funny. I am super lucky to always get good companions that always relate to me. We also are both obsessed with deep doctrine right now, so our companionship studies are always us just searching and analyzing one or two scriptures for more depth. It is great. Speaking of different studies, everyone should read Jesus The Christ RIGHT NOW. It is awesome. I have just started it and I am already in love. Good luck!

Anyways, this week was great. I hope you all had a good week too and I have a challenge for all of you: You can see me Halloween costume so go ahead and send me YOURS. I want to see what you all did on Halloween! Thanks, darlings!

Sister Azevedo

PS: Kate has a new address:
Escadas Praceta Pedro
Alvares Cabral No 5 1C
Coimbra, Portugal


Tchau Madeira

Guys. I got transfered. President Fluckiger basically took us all off the island. Anyone who did not come here last transfer, got booted this transfer. Dang. It was way difficult because I freaking LOVE Madeira so much, and all my little darlings. Who will look after my ducklings now? Also, MANE was going to make us real deal Africa food! I was PUMPED! But no problem, right before the call to tell me about transfers, a sister in our ward was being mean to us about the baptism that was in the middle of the day on Saturday, so I was able to yell PEACE IM OUTTA THIS MESS!!!!! (Except, obviously I did not.). Silver lining, right? Plus, I can still write emails to everyone. I am going to miss Sister Call a LOT though. withCallAlso, when Sister Call and I were crying because we were leaving each other, cataract dog walked by. Cataract dog is this CRAZY scary dog that we saw everywhere. So like, mid cry I go “cataract dog, i needed you.” and so we just laughed. It was a nice little sadness breaker. I am gonna miss that dog. and bone hobo. and smith. Smithand mane. Maneand my little ducklings. but, all is well. Coimbra is kewl.

But, my new compy comp called me on Sunday and she was like, “Sister Taylor wants to talk to you!” (remember her from the MTC?) So, I got to talk to her for like, 20 minutes and it was awesome. I was so happy. We were yelling and being so happy. And THEN, yesterday I SAW SISTER CHRISTENSEN! Yesssss. It was so great. I loved it. She was like, my favorite girl evs in the MTC (obvio, AFTER Sista O left). So it was fun to see her again.

But, I traveled for like 11 hours. That was nawt ideal. The assistants drove me to the train station and then bought me some bread, so that was cool. Also, apparently I got a zone leader who has NOT spoken English his entire mission to speak to me. WHAT UP? I guess he just felt bad for the poor, cold Sister that was hungry and lost. SCORE! I feel very empowered. I can basically make anyone do anything. Who is impressed? Answer: all of you.

So, that was cool and fun. My last week in Madeira was pretty normal. I like that place. I learned a lot there, it was great. My Portuguese is a little bit better (we all hope) and I learned how to be a missionary out on the islands, but now I have this opportunity to learn in a new place: COIMBRA. I am pumped. Coimbra already gets like, fifteen thumbs up because it is pretty.

Peace out MadPad.

Okay, I will never call it that again.

Sister Azevedo


One of my FAVORITE things about this language, Portuguese, is that it has something called COMMAND form. Which means, you literally have a different word for something when you are commanded someone to do it. Sorrisa is the command form of smile. It is NAWT an option. I command you. Is that not the funniest? I do not know… I think it is pretty cool. You should too. Maybe I am just already a missionary who gets entertained too easily.

So, this week was pretty chill. EXCEPT WE BAPTIZED TWO PEOPLE. Who saw THAT coming? Ya, it was suave. So, the first one was MANE. MoneyRemember him? He was the guy that could not go to church because he had flip flops on… ya, who knows? Some GEWD facts about him for all of your enjoyment: he LOVES R.Kelly and the Backstreet Boys (although, he affectionately refers to R. Kelly as Kelly because he can not pronounce the R), he is from Guinnea (which means, he REALLY can not speak Portuguese all that well… but that is okay.), he LOVES families so much and always talks about how bad he wants one, AND he was Muslim. That is right, guys. We baptized a MUSLIM. How cool is that? It was awesome. He is the sickest. I love this guy to death. We gave me a drawing of this cute family with a quote about families in the gospel as a present. Check the picture out, he is cradling it so hard. He loves it. Mane and presentAlso, normally when people get baptized here they just wear like jeans. But, Mane came in a full suit (although it was a little big becasue he is an ex-fattie)! It was so fancy! He is so great.Anyways, I just love him so much and I am so excited for him to keep keeping on.

The other baptism was LUIS. Luis is so great. You all already know about him. He is my favorite guy ever. He is so freaking happy. Some facts about him: he pronounces the word “yeah” really funny. He also says it ALL the time. He loves English, and he will always just whip out a random English word. He says he is diabetic, but he went SO BIG on the cake at his baptism, so who freaking knows… Also, he has the greatest testimony ever. I am not kidding. I am so HAPPY. Sister Call and I found him, taught him, and he was baptized in about two weeks. That is INSANE. He was so freaking prepared. It is just gewd. So his baptism was right after church, and Diogo, who is our ward mission leader who just got called to freaking BRAZIL on a mission got to baptize him. Diogo and LuisIt was real nice for all involved. Sister Call and I sang Careco do Jesus (I need the every hour) and like, no one here can sing AT ALL so everyone was crying and thinking we were the greatest in the world. Which we are, but still…. It was an all around good weekend.

Also, Leslee and I are twins, even on our missions. Her last letter said she does the nails of old people! I DO TOO! On Saturday Night, Sister Call and I went to visit our fave lady, Zita. Zita is so old. She probably had a pet dinosaur growing up, and she LOVES red nail polish. So, we went and painted her nails. I brought my nail polish, but she hated it. I was only like, slightly offended. Who does not love CAJUN SHRIMP? It was okay though… I painted them sassy red and she felt like a princess. It was super fun!

So, I LOVED this week. Everyone go listen to some Backstreet Boys because they are golden. Maybe some R. Kelly too, if you are into that kind of thing… but you should not be. R. Kelly is kind of the worst. And, that is coming from a missionary, so it is basically truth. Word.

-Sister Azevedo


So, first off that is my favorite thing to say to anyone ever. Because it is funny, and everyone always love it when I do it. So, I just go for it always. Try it out. It is sweet! This week was so GEWD. You guys do not realize how much freaking party time I have EVERY SINGLE DAY! Like, missions are the funnest things in the world. (And funnest is NOT even a word.. Thanks Hayley)Call

So, I had a great week! Sister Call and I found THE CUTEST FAMILY ever. They are like, super normal people too, which is way different. Normally, only crazies want to talk to us (Hey, Bone Hobo… except also, I think he might be too cool for us too sooooooo…. awk.) But no, this family is cute. It is Sara and Margarita and then the parents. We had a Family Home Evening with them and we are going to start teaching the real lessons this week. It was kind of hilarious because we brought little gummies and then also a dessert but the mom is a nutritionist (sass, right?) So we just gave the gummies and then gave the other Sisters in our house the dessert. Now the other sisters thing we are literally ANGELS. Which, I mean, we are… But still… But ya, I love this family with all my heart. They made us a welcome sign for our first visit. HOW CUTE? Margarita and SaraAnd we helped Margarita with her English homework. Sara and I like math and she told me my hair was pretty. I seriously can not thing of a better connection.

We also have a baptism marked for this week for a man named Luis. He is so HAPPY. He basically contacted US because he was hanging out of his window and was like, so happy and so nice. He is super excited about the gospel and he loved church yesterday. What a doll. But, he lives alone so we have to teach him with his CRAZY neighbor. She is like a million years old and she is seriously a whack job but she loves us and whenever we sings she goes “CINCO ESTRELLAS” like SUPES loud. Like, she just YELLS it. She just GOES for it and it is so funny. She is the best. Crazy Portugal is so good to me.

So, I am writing a LITTLE later today because we went on the funniest hike EVER! Hike1It was a district P-day again and I loved it. We hiked up into the clouds and then above them! It was seriously so beautiful, but also it was like all uphill (HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE, PORTUGAL?!?!) So, I was like… a little tired and not TOO into that part. But, it was still so freaking fun! You gotta love it. It is pretty and I also got to drink some yummy juice that Elder Bezerra brought… so obviously that is an all around win for Madeira.

I liked this week a lot. Now, I want an ice cream cone and I want to take a nap… so basically, the same old same old. (Amirite?)

Love you all to the moon!

Sister Azevedo

Conferencia Geral

BOM BABY! We had General Conference this week. I am sure you all knew that. Was it not great? I love General Conference. Especially because everyone in the ward goes so big on throwing treats at Sister Call and I during the conference. Seriously. Everyone just brought us crackers and cookies and were like “Come eat at my house after…” or “here is some candy!!!” It was not normal behavior, and I felt like the princess of conference.

Downfall: it was in Portuguese! I am kidding, that is not a downfall. It was cool, because I love this freaking Language. And, I was able to understand mostly ALL of it, but it was a little hard to follow stories and I really missed hearing the VOICES of the apostles and of course, the Prophet. But have no fear, my intelligent BRAIN was there!

Anyways, I loved conference. We walked with two investigators to conference, but as we walked to the church building my FAVORITE man from Guinea is like “I didn’t bring the right shoes… I can not go.” And he just throws a fit, like five minutes from the chapel and walks home. Drama queen to the extreme. BUT he showed up the next day so that was surprising and good. The other investigator, Manuel, told us that he has been reading the Book of Mormon and he KNOWS it is true and he KNOWS that the Church is true and it is the church of Christ! So basically, I am thinking you will be seeing some pictures of a baptism pretty soon!!!

Also, this is really gross so close your eyes if stuff grosses you out easily. I FREAKING GOT AN INFECTION IN MY FINGER. But, the story is kinda funny so I want to tell you all.. So, we blame it on this homeless man we affectionately call “Bone Hobo” because last Monday he was like “I have an injury…” and the he SHOWED us because EVERYONE here does that. All the time. I have seen SO MANY WEIRD SKETCHY SCARY injuries. I do not think I like it, but I could totes be a doctor now. Nothing phases me. Anyways, he lifts up his sleeve to the top of his arm, like almost shoulder, and he has this NASTY cut and his BONE IS STICKING OUT! Like, it looked like it was straight outta a slasher film. It was insane. Anyways, he made me give him my apple… and so I was really hungry that day but it was funny, and weird, and so Portuguese. But anyways, we shook hands with him and I had a tiny cut on my finger and the next day it was an INFECTION. I had to go the to pharmacy here and they gave me a weird cream and it was scary because I was afraid I was going to get what bone hobo had… luckily I THINK I am in the clear. Fingers crossed.

So, it is a rule of my mission that we can not have our nails painted except for neutral colors. So, Sister Call and I painted our nails this gray polish from Urban (Lulu, lembra?) and then also this tan color that Anna gave me in the MTC (Thank you darling!) Like, we are switched so one color is our toenails, the other for fingers… and THEN we added sparkle on top.

So, I have sparkly nails and I feel fancy.

Go paint your nails. It is fun!

Sister Azevedo

Rua do Combollos numero 73A

This week was THE BEST one so far on my mission! I seriously loved every, soaking wet second of it.

Wait.. soaking wet? Yes, that is correct. IT IS SO RAINY HERE! It rains every day. wetAnd it is cold, and like.. a little miserable. Also, it is FOGGY here! Who knew? And, I think NONE of you reading this, unless you have been to Madeira, actually know what fog is because it is insane here. But, that does not matter because sometimes, the rain lets up and it is HELLO PRETTY PORTUGAL again! So, during one of these nice times, Sister Call and I decided to go contact people in cafes (it TOTALLY works, and is not even awkward) so we talked to this old man who was like, “let me buy you food.” and we said we were not hungry but then this ice cream and crabcakes get brought out for us. So that was a total WIN! I ate it in like, one second flat. (even though I still think crab is gross.) And, he is awesome and has a TON of potential so we are meeting him tomorrow, same time. Same cafe. I definitely have my fingers crossed for like, a pastry or something.

Anyways, that is an example of an AWESOME nova pesquisador, but I also know a few hilarious stories of the opposite. We met this super sweet old lady (or so it APPEARED) in a pingo doce (supermarket) and she gave us her address. It was Rua do Combollos numero 73A. The lady was like, “oh it is super close” and we were like cool. I thought I knew the road, and I did. But it was not really that close, but I did not think anything of it. So it WAS the road I was thinking of, and this road is awesome EXCEPT that it is a straight up MOUNTAIN so we start climbing, and we have to go to SEVENTY THREE. When we hit 40, it starts over again at 1 (Crazy Portuguese roads…) and so we seriously hiked this for like, forty minutes. We were DYING afterwards, only to get to the sixties. 61, 63, okay… this is good, 65, 67, so close, 69, 71, 75, 77. Wait… WHERE IS 73. Oh, cool. IT DID NOT EXIST. Isnt that the most evil, calculated grandma EVER? She sent us up a mountain with a FAKE address. It was so crazy, but Sister Call and I just laughed and headed back. It was crazy because we made bad luck a funny memory! Forever!

So, Sister Call and I are the same person. Everything we talk about is always like “WHAT I DO THAT TOO!” So she was talking about her cheer coach from high school and she goes, “Well Monika was…” And we FREAKED out. We are so twins, even our cheerleading coaches have the same name! Is that not really funny? We thought it was crazy, maybe we are deprived of REAL entertainment out here? Also, I cut my hair. Or, to be MORE precise… Sister Call cut my hair. I like it a lot. I cut off about 4 inches, a little less in some places. It is SUPER healthy now, and it i still long. Do not worry. I am really happy about it. I will try to have like, before and after pictures for MOMENTES occasion!

So, obviously THIS WEEK ROCKED! I hope you all had fun ones too! Make the next one EVEN greater, and if you have a difficulty, try the easiest FIX in the world: a prayer!

Sister Azevedo

Surely you can`t be serious.

I am… and don´t call me Shirley. I thought that quote at least FIVE MILLION TIMES THIS WEEK. So, that is… nice.

Anyways, this week was seriously JUST GEWD. I LOVE my new companion so freaking much. Seriously, we are twins and it is the greatest. All of her favorite things are also all my favorite things to do. But really, Sister Call and I have mini parties every day, we work hard, we contact like crazy, we love the gospel and we love each other. No joke, it was an instant connection. She felt it too Now, we are just hanging out at all the time and it is just good.I really feel like this was a turn for my mission because it is not like I did not like my mission before, but now I really see why people say missions are the best times of their lives. Like, I LOVE MY MISSION NOW. SO MUCH!!! I am so excited to see what these next weeks have for us because seriously we are going to be successful, I KNOW it.

For my investigators, we had a good week too. Carlos is this AWESOME jovem. Seriously, when he prays he always asks for help to find the “Caminho Certo” which is like, the path he needs to take in life. And I always want to yell right afterwards, “It is HERE, right HERE!!!!!” But, I hold back because I know he needs to know for himself, and so we just are out here teaching and preaching to him. He is seriously great though and I am really excited to continue teaching.

Also, I swear people can tell when you are just loving life, and then people want to follow you because Sister Call and I were at a bus stop just waiting and laughing and chatting and I smiled at this man, and he crosses the street and he is like “oh sorry, I have to run, but hello” (he had stuff for soccer, like a ball and cleats) and so I just go “Podemos passar sua casa esta semana com nosso mensagem sobre Jesus Cristo?” (Can we talk to you about our message this week… basically) and he is like “oh totally.” and gives us the information and gives us his number and let´s us pray with him right there and it was just really great.

So, another GREAT thing about this week is that we work hard. We run, but like SPRINT, every single day, up the mountains for exercise. (So, do not fret.. I am not gonna get fat out here.) Afterwards, we go all out, we talk to everyone we feel like we should, and we have good lessons. But we also just have fun. We make sure to remember that people will want to follow our happiness, so we make everything fun and exciting, because missionary work SHOULD be fun! I love it!

Anyways, something funny: The DIRECT translation of the Notebook, from Portuguese to English is the passion journal. Let that simmer. I thought it was pretty funny. You should too. You do not have to, we all have our AGENCY!

Anyways, have some dang good weeks for me!!! Love you all so much!

-Sister Azevedo


Ohhhh this week. It was another fun one, but to be honest I can not remember ALL that much about this week. The weeks blend a bit because we do similar things every week. We talk and preach to everyone we meet, we have lessons, and we eat a freak ton of rice. Every single week!

Sonia and Louisa

Sonia and Lousia

This week was Sister Nigri´s last week on the Island (she knew she was going to leave because she had been out her for SIX months, and that is a LOT of time.) So, we spent a lot of the week just visiting recent converts and everyone so she could make sure she said goodbye.

Familia Vieria

Familia Vieria

We also spent the week cleaning a house for a lady in our ward. Her husband is a non-member, who HATES the church and so she told him to choose: Her, going to church, or No church, but no her. He chose the latter. Which is just sad, but she does not care. She says the church is more important anyways. I hope I have faith like THAT someday. So, we cleaned for her, and it was a JOB because it took a really, really LONG time. It was kind of a gross apartment (By kind of I mean, literally the nastiest. No problem though.)

Also, yesterday was TRANSFERENCIAS! So, around four as we are walking to an appointment with Costa (an AWESOME dude who loves the scriptures and is getting baptized next week… pics to come.), when we get THE CALL. I have been hoping for an American so that I can start to talk even more in lessons (I talk a fair amount, but I think with an American I would even more.)And so that we could just chat more and all that. But no, it is a Brazilian. A 29-year-old Brazilian who is very serious and can not speak English. At all. Nothing. And has no desire to learn. I almost started crying on the spot because I do not think I could do that. So, I said a quick prayer to make me feel better and went on throughout the day. But, I could NOT stop feeling nervous and terrible and so scared and inadequate. That is when we get a call from the Assistants. They tell me that President Fluckiger received a feeling that I needed to be with a DIFFERENT Sister, Sister Call. All at once, I felt a burden lifted. I know we are always told that the Lord will never put you through something you can not handle, and he will always provide a way. I know that was the way for me. I think I might serve with the other Sister another time, but Heavenly Father KNOWS me and he knew I needed to be with Sister Call now. Isn´t that cool?

Anyways, I meet her tonight and I am really excited! Sister Dudley left this morning, and Sister Nigri! So that is sad! But, they are off to Lisboa! SO COOL! I love my mission so much! If you can, go out!!!!

Madeira is seriously hilarious, and I can not think of exact things but it just is. Also, the pasteries. I can die happy now.


Sister Azevedo

Woah woah

Hey everyone.

This week was crazy, but also I can not really remember anything that happened. Oh well! Anyways, I KNOW we met the coolest guy, Costa. He is this sweet old man and he is getting BAPTIZED this Saturday! I am so excited! His wife is actually an inactive member, but she went to church this week with him, so it was double awesome! So, it was a great week of success.

Also, last night Sister Nigri and I had the coolest experience. We were walking at about 9 last night to visit the Familia Franco (picture included),Familia Franco and suddenly Sister Nigri is like, we should knock on that door. So, we do. And we hear someone yell who is it (but I must say, it sounds REALLY angry in Portuguese), so I thought “great,someone is going to yell at us.” Except no, we said we are missionaries and the lady said, come to the door. We went to the door, and she invited us in. We sang a song to her learned a little about her. She is alone because she can not have children and her husband died 19 years ago! But, we shared with here that she will be with him some day, and that she can have kids too someday. Also, we said WE could be here children now and she was really excited and is just the cutest. Anyways, I LOVE ZITA and I feel like she is the next baptism, after Costa. She is prepared. I swear! Is it not the coolest thing that we are led to all these great people, excited and prepared for our message? I love Madeira.

Also, the pictures this week are from TODAY! P-day in Camara da Lobos! The elders in our district work here and it is the coolest area. Since it is the last week of the transfer, the elders invited us to have some party time with them. It was great. HikeWe hiked down to the water (and climbed a HUGE amount of rocks) to get here, but boy it was worth it. It is way pretty, right? Blue WatrerAlso, we ate at Tuscanos. But like, the real version and everyone was speaking Portuguese and I was really confused on what was going on and so I ended up getting a freaky amount of meat. Uh oh. Nawt good. But also, it was REALLY awesome and I do not regret it one bit! Oh, PLUS the Elders and us had a bet, and we WON and so they BOUGHT us food. So seriously, I ate fa freeeeee. I love that. so bad.

So, this is my LAST week of my first transfer in the field. WHAT? CRAZY! I must say though, I might not be able to write a lot, or anything, next week because of transfers. On the island, we have difficulties during transfers because people have to fly in and fly out and it is just crazy! Mission problems, am i right? So, I BET I can, but if not… Do not freak out. I am alive. I know it will be hard for you, I am BASICALLY the light of your lives. 😉

Also, if someone could look up the English translation of Cervada that would be great. It is this drink here, that is kind of like coffee, but is not coffee. I am curious if it exists in the ol US of A. Thanks hot stars!

Love you all so much, who am I kidding? YOU are the light of MY life! Have the bestest week and go drink a milkshake for me!

Sister Azevedo

Missionaries do not need sleep, right?

LOL. jk. Sempre. This week though, I did NOT get my fair share. It was hard. I will tell you all about WHY.

So, Sister Nigri and Sister Almeida had to go to Lisboa for a leadership meeting and so Sister Dudley and I were companions. First of all, I love Sister Dudley to death. Mostly because she is a really spiritual person, but also because she likes to speak in English and eat pastries. My kind of person. Seriously, I had a pastry that basically tastes like a donut with frosting, but like the best donut ever, with the best frosting ever. THE LIFE. Oh, and last week we ate at the BK Lounge, except here it is SO MUCH BETTER. It has the best cheeseburgers, and fries ever. Also, the good fanta. Like is great.So, ya I love when she is my companion. But, on Tuesday she got a phone call that said she had to leave for Lisbon that night to get her residencia card, so we had to leave for the airport at like 8. The sisters would land at about 12, but Sister Dudley´s flight was at like, 11 so I was gonna be by myself. Cool, nao e?

Except, when we got there Sister Dudley´s flight got cancelled, and the next one was at 5 am. Still, we would wait for the sisters at midnight. Except they missed their flight. I DIDNT ACTUALLY KNOW THAT IS A THING PEOPLE DO BUT APPARENTLY IT IS. So, we learn this at MIDNIGHT. They have a flight out of lisbon at 9 am. WHAT DO I DO? I freak out for a second, call my district leader (who is seriously my dad now. I will talk about that in a bit), and then Paulo Vieira calls us and tells us he is picking me up. My first thought is: I CANT STAY AT THE VIEIRAS, THEY ONLY HAVE SONS. But, luckily, he was just driving me to Lorena´s house. Anyways, at midnight Irmao Paulo comes, with all his kids, even his BABY. Who was AWAKE, at midnight!!! Portugal, man. So, they take me to Lorenas house. Lorena just recently got her mission call to LISBOA BABYYYY so she was my companion for the night. She even did my studies with me and woke up really early with me, nice darling… I recalled the DLs (this is the dad part, he was like: call me in the morning and if you get scared tonight, call me, apparently I am a baby…) and went to bed.

Oh, also everyone here is so loving because Lorena like, brought me cake and lemonade before bed and made me pancakes the next morning. EVERYONE IS SO GREAT.

But ya, after that.. I really didnt get that much sleep. Then, the next night we had to pick up Sister Dudley from the airport, so really… this was a week of limited sleep. I will sleep a lot today, FORSURE.

No baptisms this week, but that does not matter because we just have the greatest people in the world out here on Madeira. Everyone is so friendly and just excited about the gospel. Plus, I can really see a difference in the lives of the people we teach. Also, Joao (From last week), wore a suit and tie to church this week! It was the cutest! He is the best!

Also I do not have any pictures, I could take a selfie now, but also… I am actually not 15 anymore so I am going to have to pass. I will try to take more this week. Maybe I will attach and oldie but goodie from the MTC that I never sent.With Sis Christensen

Actually, YES I WILL do that.

HAVE A GREAT WEEK you beauties. Feel free to just party time and be kind to the missionaries. They have to walk a lot, and it is always uphill. Can someone please explain to me HOW that is possible? K, thanks.

-Sister Azevedo