So, this week was kind of the same old same old. Nothing SUPER awesome happened. The biggest bummer this week has been that EVERY SINGLE PERSON we contact does not live in our area, so we just have to pass their information on to other missionaries. Which is awesome, but I want to start teaching more people. So, we will just keep up the happiness and hope my people start STAYING in my area.

This week, when we were teaching Stefan he showed us his facebook and his background picture was a picture of all this alcohol. We were like “no Stefan….” and then helped him change it to a picture of the Salt Lake Temple!!! So now, he has just the best facebook ever. It is starting to get to the point that Stefan has been taught literally everything, so now it is like, hanging pictures of the temple up in his house time. I am worried we are going to just have to start talking about Kolob or something in a couple lessons…. Wish me luck! (THAT would be a hard lesson in Portugese)

Also, I met a lady that has my dream life this week. We visit teach a member in the ward who is from England, Tilly. We have to teach her because no one else speaks English. (or at least well enough to give a visiting teaching lesson) So we headed out to her house, which is SO BEAUTIFUL. Her husband and her moved down to Portugal because of his health (Apparently Portugal is the Florida of Europe) and she just lives in a country manor now. It looked like Anthropologie and she has a cute dog. I seriously found my future. She said all she does all day is garden, play with her dog, read, and watch Parks and Rec (okay, she did not say that one but if she really does have my dream life… that would be there too). So yeah, that was awesome. Also she had HEATING. CENTRAL HEATING, PEOPLE. I had forgotten that existed. Wow. It was a great break from the tundra that is Coimbra right now. But hey, I love it just the same.

I hope you all had a great week this week! Sorry this is not too interesting… not much is going down in PortPort this week: Except for rain, that stuff is COMING down this week. Oh, the joys…. 🙂


-Sister Azevedo

1. buddha graffiti time

2. swing break, while somehow getting wrapped into babysitting a 12 year old.

3. Ines is ENGAGED. She got engaged over Christmas. How Mormon of her…