(From 12/30/13)

If you were planning on just reading a little email about how I spent the holidays, and my birthday, and all that then you will be surely DISAPPOINTED because this week it is all about that NEW YEARS excitement. Am I right? 2014. Who saw that coming? Is it crazy that 2013 already ended? That I only have a YEAR left on my mission? Wow. I think it is pretty insane. To commemortate, I am throwing it back with my the highlights of my mission so far in 2013. Here we go. Hold on to your hats…

Top 13 Friends (oh hey, Myspace. We missed you.)

  1. Leslee O (broooooomance)
  2. Mane (convert besties 4lyfe)
  3. Sister Dumas (something bout that 2 transfers together)
  4. Nick (birthday twins UNITE)
  5. Lo Johns (thanks for the letters, girl)
  6. Eric (blogger, social media expert, whatevs.)
  7. Anna (She keeps me up to date)
  8. Cate and Kylee (my instagram picture life savers)
  9. Ines Almeida (cutest girl in the WORLD. also in my ward.)
  10. Elder Harris (read all his funny quotes)
  11. Elder Richmond (birthday presents equal best friends.)
  12. Sister Christensen (duh.)
  13. Sister Call (still love and miss that girl!!!)

Top 13 Books

  1. The Book of Mormon
  2. The Old Testament
  3. The New Testament
  4. Pearl of Great Price
  5. Doctrine and Covenants
  6. New Era
  7. The Friend
  8. Our Search for Happiness
  9. Jesus the Christ
  10. Ensign
  11. Liahona
  12. Our Heritage
  13. True to The Faith

Top 13 in Music

  1. Anything by David Archuletta
  2. You Raise Me Up- Josh Groban
  3. J Bieb´s Christmas Album
  4. Take It Home- Jenny Phillips
  5. Any string version of a song
  6. Remix Ignition- R. Kelly
  7. Stay- Rihanna (every ringback tone in Portugal)
  8. Careco de Jesus (only if I am singing it with McCaela in Madeira)
  9. Assombro Me Causa- Sister Travis, Elder Bluemel and Elder Harris version
  10. Cake- Rihanna (in honor of all the birthdays
  11. Bright Eyes Christmas album
  12. Grow Old With You- Adam Sandler (WHY is that still in my head?)
  13. Safe and Sound- Capital Cities (okay. That´s one thing Portugal has going for it… this song rocks!)

Top 13 Things My Zone Leaders Have Said

  1. “Those boots are apostate.”
  2. “There are two things my wife will have to put up with: Shaving my legs and flip flops.”
  3. “Have you ever heard of the Blender Bottle?”
  4. Wait, do you have the food? “Sister, we can talk about this on the bus…” (um no… we will have already left it?)
  5. “Wait. That´s a clown snake. Am I the only one seeing this?”
  6. “When did you do that? During Proselyting Time…”
  7. “My eternal babygirl…” (when referencing their future spouse.)
  8. “You need to speak more Portuguese together”
  9. “Figure it out for yourselves, and when you figure it out, don´t call us.”
  10. “You are on a year and half vacation.”
  11. “Dad, you are going to make fun of me, but I just really like the European cut suit now.”
  12. “Do you guys have that medicine.. that kind that helps with like… stuff… like anti-diarrhea stuff… it is for my comp.”
  13. “Oh, you are one of THOSE people.” (that celebrates birthdays)

Top 13 Movies

  1. The Testaments
  2. The District
  3. The District 2
  4. 17 Miracles
  5. Finding Faith in Christ
  6. Together Forever
  7. Epic (Christmas movie for da winnnnnn)
  8. Moutains to Climb (Mormon Message)
  9. Character of Christ- David A. Bednar
  10. The Restoration
  11. The Restoration- full length movie
  12. The Killers´ Mormon.org Profile Video
  13. Mother´s Day Mormon Message (featuring Elder Garcia… WHADDUP)

13 Things I Miss About the Ol´ US of A

  1. Refills
  2. Jeans
  3. Visa being accepted everywhere
  4. Naps
  5. Facebook Stalking
  6. Sushi
  7. Cars
  8. Air Conditioning and or Heating
  9. Sunday Naps
  10. Say Yes to The Dress
  11. Mexican Food
  12. Freedom
  13. Unlimited amount of time to find and play with kittens

13 Things I DON`T Miss

  1. Doing all the dishes
  2. Finals Week
  3. Defrosting the windshield of a car before church
  4. Having to pretend like I don´t hate going to trampoline places
  5. Singles Ward “get to know you” activities
  6. Third Wheeling
  7. Walking to school in the snow
  8. Cate and Shannon´s bathroom cleaning strike wars
  9. Accidentally ice-skating to school
  10. Terrible blind dates
  11. Home Town Buffet… (that place is just the worst.)
  12. Buying a 12 dollar hamburger at freaking Black Sheep Cafe (still annoyed)
  13. American Heritage (I am totally on THAT bandwagon)

13 Best Excuses I have Heard so Far

  1. “I don´t want to be a Jehovah´s Witness” (Me either…)
  2. “I´m Catholic… not practicing.” (okay?)
  3. “I have my own faith.”
  4. “No one´s home..”
  5. “I´m in a hurry” -old lady sitting on bench
  6. “My Parents are Catholic…”
  7. “I´m Muslim. It´s illegal to pray.”
  8. “Church is too early I will be at the discoteca all night before. sorry.”
  9. “I don´t give out my number….”
  10. “I have an ear infection and I can´t go underwater” (after a baptismal invitation)
  11. “I am scared of water” (baptismal invitation)
  12. “The District Leader was there too..”
  13. “My Zone Leaders did it…”

Top Hashtags of my Journal

  1. #FreeHarris2015
  2. #BrazilianChristmas
  3. #FluckigersAngels
  4. #AlmostGotFlashed, #PowerofPrayer
  5. #BlenderBottle
  6. #WhyPortugalWhy
  7. #mishproblems
  8. #CDP
  9. #FromJacobtoElder
  10. #TakingOneForTheTeam
  11. #ShouldITellPres
  12. #NewLiahonaCover
  13. #PerfectWoman (about Elder Garcia´s mom)

Best Moments

  1. Temple Walk visits
  2. Elder Richmond never hearing “Remix” before so all the missionaries begin singing it to him
  3. MTC Muffin Sundays
  4. Elder Richmond giving me a light up LED Rabbit for my birthday
  5. Beating the entire Island of Madeira at Mancola with Joao
  6. Watching EPIC of Christmas
  7. Skyping my familyyyyy
  8. Lulu and Katers MTC Adventures
  9. Sunday Temple Walk Naps
  10. Mane being scared of ET and telling us why for like an hour.
  11. Mexican Night (When Elder Dias taught us all the salsa and we ate tacos)
  12. Elder Dos Santos being able to identify a song after just singing one word. Just impressive.
  13. Drinking Hot N´Cold Hot Chocolate for the first time. WOAH.

Worst Moments

  1. the rendition of “It Takes Courage” on the Mission Christmas CD
  2. Any missionary trying to pronounce “Bacalhau”
  3. Elder Lopes accidentally giving us liquor chocolates…
  4. The time I thought a primary song went high, and it just DID not… and my entire district judged me because I solo squeaked out a note
  5. At a buffet, Elder Dastrup (current AP) had his second and LAST plate be a fruit plate (that is the leadership we have right now…)
  6. Letting Sister Call cut my hair
  7. When I thought Elder Ferreira (scary AP) was Elder Perreira on the phone. Scariest reunion (well sort of) EVER.
  8. Finding cat hair every week in Albertina´s food
  9. Every single time I have tried to rock a bun….
  10. Sister Fluckiger using the word for old woman instead of candle and saying she was going to light one on fire…
  11. The time the elders called us at 6am to make sure we knew that the time change meant we could sleep in and did not have to get up an hour earlier (at 6am…)
  12. Broa and Marco STALKING us.
  13. Sister Nigri AND Sister Call letting me pronounce “Verdadeiro” like an idiot for two transfers

Top 13 Quotes

  1. “I´m just waiting for a rendition of Mean Girls right now..” E. Harris at the primary Christmas program
  2. “I can´t see anything with these stupid glasses on.” -S. Dumas wearing her flasses
  3. “Yeah man… tipo… yeah.” The only words to come out of E. Lopes mouth
  4. “Para mim, PROBLEMA”- Mane. always.
  5. “So, we marked him for baptism. Naturally, he disappeared.” -Elder Dias
  6. “She´s just perfect woman.” Elder Garcia on his mom (in the earlier mentioned video)
  7. “I just like seeing pictures of myself.” -S. Parker
  8. “I think my sister is dead.” “Khloe and Lamar are getting back together!” -Sister Dumas and I
  9. “What´s Pitbull´s first name? I HAVE to know.”- Elder Dos Santos on his idol
  10. “His celebrity look -a-like would be an extra from Coach Carter- me (no judgement… it was funny)
  11. “I love you” -anytime Elder Bezerra said this to Elder Dias with his little accent!
  12. “I can´t find her anymore. I´m thinking she must´ve got taken by aliens or something.” “No, I swear… it´s because we dropped the b word. (baptism)” -Elder Dias and Elder Perreira
  13. “So just remember, whenever you are feeling down… at least you aren´t in a gypsy costume walking around the Provo temple” -life advice from me.

And To finish it off, I want to look back and see the Top 13 Things I have learned on my mission so far…

  1. Piti-Piti covers ANY taste
  2. Asking a black person where they are from is not racist… in fact, you will get a country EVERY time. Without fail.
  3. It´s possible to nap anywhere, anytime.
  4. Elder Harris was a DJ, and had the Thursday night slot at Faces (the gay bar.)
  5. When ending a phone call, one must say goodbye in at least 6 different ways to be kosher
  6. There´s ALWAYS more room to eat
  7. Elder Sorensen´s dad invented the Blender Bottle
  8. My mission has almost ZERO musical talent (figured this out thanks to the christmas cd!)
  9. Always pray with your eyes OPEN on the street
  10. Pasteries rock.
  11. Nothing better than some Dinner, Gym, TALL and additional study to finish off a night at the MTC
  12. Every black person is ELECT
  13. IF you can´t remember a name… you are pretty safe calling them Maria or Joao. (90% of the time, you are right)

Happy New Year Everyone!