(From 1/6/14)

Well, happy New Year my favorite people in the world. I feel like this last week was freaking intense, but basically just because we are in a new year, which means I have written the date wrong like 15 times already, AND Kimberly Eaton is now Kimberly Goodrich. Who saw that coming? Answer: literally anyone who is facebook, instagram, pinterest, etc. friends with her, but whatever. I am still surprised.

So, what did I, as a MISSIONARY do to ring in the New Year? Well, we partied, of course. Sister Dumas and I bought a freaking PARTY pack at Continente. (It was only 3 euros) so because we had to be in the house at ten (oh, I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this, but I am one of those cool missionaries that has a different schedule, where I wake up at 7 and go to bed at 11!! #rebel. Well, not really… Pres assigned it and all that.) But yeah, we had a party for just us two. We used masks and made decorations and then listened to all of the church songs we have that are a little more up beat. (David Archuletta and EFY were how I ringed in 2014) and then we had a photo shoot WITH the gift that the Elders gave me.
new year
A disco bunny really was the perfect addition to the party. We ended the night, at 12:01 yelling about how 2014 will be. I might´ve gone a little “confessions” on it when I starting ranting. “The mish is great and all, but I´m going home this yearrrrrrrrr” might´ve gotten screamed. Oops. All in all, it was good. It was one of my favorite New Years that I have had so far…. but I really did miss singing Les Miserables at Lane´s house… that was just golden!

Anyways, this week we had a conference on how to work with the members MORE and it was awesome, and then the same day we had a meeting with Bishop Pitarma, who was so pumped to learn of this because he had this big, master plan of us all working more together. It was pretty inspired, if you ask me. I love Coimbra so much. The eagerness of the members and the bishop is just crazy. We can call up almost any member, and because we have built such a firm trust with them, they are willing to help us in any way possible. It is so cool! Everyone needs to be this kind of super star member. So, do it! Go call up the missionaries and help them out! It is way great when we have a little help and all that.

So yeah, that was my week. A LOT of other things happened. It rained like, nonstop and Sister Dumas bought rainboots that gave her gnarly bruises. I hate bacalhau and hated it so much. I beat 5 Africans at UNO and we learned Vlad literally has a game every Sunday until May. We are hoping we can just bring Bishop with us to help us figure out whether or not he is in a contract or not. Fingers crossed he isn’t because he is AWESOME and he wants to be baptized. Freaking soccer players. What are you gonna do…

Well, keep it good at home! I love and miss you all A LOTTTT.

bunches of loveeeee,
Sister Azevedo

1. okay, we have a serious problem with loving on all the stupid posters here. why are there two dogs with bling on? IDK. just love it. Puppy photo shoot. required.
puppy bling

2. Also, we are hoping THIS lands on a P-day. I still love Beyonce. Sorry.