(From 12/9/13)

We had divisions to start us off! Which, are always kind of terrible and great. I went with Sister Parker this week and she is really funny and nice. She is from Utah, and she had served in Coimbra three transfers ago, so we spent a lot of the day looking for her old investigators, which I was actually totally okay with because a lot of the people were really cool and have some potential there! We will see… But if we want to talk about good new investigators, I can tell you about Mariana and Louise. First off, they are these super beautiful Brazilians, no joke Mariana looks like the prettier version of Aria on PLLs. And, how did we find them? They came to church. Irmao Magno brought them. And actually, that is a thing. He is constantly bringing pretty Brazilian girls to church, he meets them at school or something, I do not really know or ever ask… So it is kind of the funniest thing ever, but normally they do not live in our area. But, these girls did. They are super hilarious and both are already pretty familiar with the church, so it should be pretty good to start teaching them. I am excited.

We had a stake Christmas party on Saturday. It literally lasted 12 hours straight. Four of them where travel time, on a party bus… what up! And four and a half others were for the LONGEST Primary Program I have been to ever. It was rough. But, you know… all is well in Zion. And, Portuguese Christmas music is so funny so I was totally supporting it. Also, you know that they delivered with the Christmas treats. That is one thing you can always count on with anything having to do with Portuguese people, the treats are going to be so great.

Speaking of Portuguese treats, Sister Dumas and I stumbled across the best place EVER. We have spent the last two weeks searching for hot chocolate. We know it exists because when we ask for it, the word is familiar, just no one has it in their cafe or bakery or whatever. So, we continue on. Well, it was like, 9 o clock on Wednesday, we were FREEZING and walking down Rua de Brasil and I see IT. “Chocolate Chocolate”. We go on it. OH MY GOSH, you guys do not know… So, they had hot chocolate, but that does not matter. Really, they had EVERYTHING ever. Chocolate-ified. I of course, loved it. Sister Dumas and I shared a crepe that was seriously the best thing I have ever eaten. I can not even describe it. Also, I am a little embarrassed I just wrote an entire paragraph about this but also not really because it was just THAT good. Whoop Whoop for Portugal…

Oh, and transfers were yesterday! I am staying in COIMBRA!!! Oh goodness, I am so freaking excited. Also, Sister Dumas and I will be staying together which means I will finally experience the seventh week with a companion. I am excited. Sister Dumas and I get along so well. We just laugh and talk about old songs we used to like all the time. Plus, she supports me in my hot chocolate endeavors. Gotta love that quality in a person, am I right?

Anyways, this week was great. I love Portugal. I love Portugese so much. Everyone needs to learn it so when I get back we can all speak it and just have so much freaking fun together. Oi, e também, podemos falar enfrente de outras pessoas e eles não vão saber o que queremos dizer. Fiche, não e? E posso dizer alguma outra coisa sobre isso e os benefícios dele. Quando podemos falar um outra língua, temos um talento. Talentos são mesmo importante nas olhas de Deus, então parabéns! Mas, se ninguém de estas são fiche, podes aprender por que queres falar comigo. Isso e exactamente o que quero.

That should covince you.

Oh, that pic, that GEM is me and Donzilia at Daniela´s bday party. Awwww.

Love youuuuuu
Sister Azevedo