(From 12/23/13)

Santa´s got a brand new sleigh, email´s got a brand new twist.

This week, we would like to make our emails a little different. Firstly, if you have not already noticed, we are combining our efforts, our jokes, our email time, to write a combined letter for the upcoming festivities this week. (namely Sister Azevedo´s birthday, but I guess it could be for Christmas too…)

So, this week as you all settle down and enjoy your luxuries of an American Holiday season, such as skiing down the slopes, and snuggling up by the fire, getting caught under the mistletoe, and waitin for Santa Claus to come to town, we wanted to show you all about how we, as missionaries out in good ol´ Portugal have been spending our time. And, as it says in the bible,”in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.” (2 Corinthians 13:1) So, here are our witnesses, straight from the nightly journal entries of yours truly, Sister Dumas and Sister Azevedo.

Upon our first meetings…

I met Sister Dumas at like, 9:15. We got home and planned quickly so I could unpack. It was uneventful. She´s pretty.” -Sister Azevedo

Well my comp didn´t get here until freaking 9 o´clock at night and she is darling and seriously funny with lots of great clothes. We´re gonna get along just great. beijos.” -Sister Dumas

On Elder Sorensen´s (Chad´s) eating habits…

Today was Elder Maughan´s birthday, we made them Oreo balls for district meeting. Chad literally ate eight before the opening prayer… That kid just goes for it on food, all the time.” -Sister Dumas

It was Elder Maughan´s 20th birthday today! We celebrated HARD obviously with oreo oreo balls, like 80 of them. But freaking CHAD kept on going at them. He ate like 20, and 8 before the opening prayer. The capacity of that dude scares me a little bit.” -Sister Azevedo

Celebrity Sightings…

We contacted Macklemore today! Same hair- same swag- same name, but actually it is Walter. I am pretty sure that Sister Dumas and him need to get married STAT. #weneedpinterestnow” -Sister Azevedo

Today we contacted Macklemore´s twin. He was actually interested in knowing more… holla! Imma baptize him, and marry him in the temple (after the mish) #ineedpinterestnow” -Sister Dumas

Lessons with Members gone BAD…

I swear if one more person brings up the Second Coming in a first lesson I am going to rage.” -Sister Azevedo

Today we gave a chapel tour with Irmã **** (name has been concealed for protection), she went big. She talked about Christ visiting the Nephites, Modern-day prophets with counselors, the Book of Mormon, AND the Doctrine and Covenants…. hold up, this is just a church tour.” -Sister Dumas

On Stefan…

We played Jeopardy for FHE and Stefan literally knew more answers than me. He knew the first temple was in Ohio and the last prophet to write in the B.O.M was the Son of Mormon… “Mormoni” ….close. Also Filipe actually gave me a high-five today, Progress. We´re just movin´and groovin´out here.” -Sister Dumas

Okay, so Stefan is going to pass me up in like every aspect of the church. He was reading the Book of Mormon on the way to the activity today. Before MY baptism, I was in like, I Nephi 10 and he´s taking time out to read on the bus. What a champ.” -Sister Azevedo

The Exotic Food…

We totally squeezed our way into THAT dinner. Fun. She served us PIG´S BLOOD. It was actually kind of good, just don´t think about it” -Sister Azevedo

Ate dinner with Familia Cruz and enjoyed the Portugal soccer game… I just got some great views of Christiano Ronaldo (Bo-bo would be so jealous). We ate potatoes, some kind of meat, and pig´s blood… like literally curdled pig blood. ew. I´m gagging. I asked for salt.” -Sister Dumas


And when ye are in the service of your fellow being, ye are only in the service of your God.” -Mosiah 2:17

Today we helped Maria do Carmo again #ExtremeMakeover1847PortugalEdition. This time we cleaned the doll room. Mind you, there´s mold on everything AND no lights. Worst nightmare. The worst part was Maria singing “it´s oh so quite…. shh… shh.. shh.. ” over and over and over again” -Sister Dumas

We had a service project again. (It was a two-part extreme makeover) Last time, a huge wooden thing filled with glass cups tried to fall on me and this time Elder Morse crushed me into a wall with a couch. Oh the JOYS of service. But, other than the 6 lbs of mold (or about 2.5 kilos) in my lungs, no permanent damage occurred. Although, really, that could have some lasting effects.“-Sister Azevedo

So, in closing, Merry Christmas from our house to yours! May your Holidays be merrier than ours, and NOT be filled with pig´s blood, Macklemore look-a-likes and Chad Sorensens!

In memory of Santa Dog,
xoxo Sister Dumas and Azevedo

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