(From 12/3/13)

First of all, I am DEFINITELY that missionary. THAT missionary. The one that annoyingly says words with accents and all that jazz. I am not sure if that will end or WHAT after my mission but as for now, it is LISBOA, not Lisbon. I am sorry. Please excuse my embarrassing self. Anyways, I went up to Porto last Tuesday and then YESTERDAY I was in Lisbon to do my residency. It was so great, BECAUSE I did not get a p-day and had to chill in basically, Portugal´s version of the DMV… sick…. No, it was actually great because I was able to see all my friends from the MTC! (Well, like half of them…) But, I saw Sis Christensen and Elder Moueller!!!
It was da best. I love seeing all my old friends. And Porto was fun, we had like a 12 sister sleepover. I have never heard so much talk about “the missionary, who is just a friend, I am writing” (oh please…) and the GREATNESS that is BYU. I had never heard that much about BYU in all my entire life, and I WENT there for a year. So all in all, I am just so happy Sister Dumas is my companion. #aggies4lyfe

As for MY thanksgiving, because I really LOVED hearing about all of yours… (Eric got to play with Otis and I will forever be jealous, except also that dog scared me.) I went over to Maria Jose´s house, and it was GREAT. She gave us TONS of food! (MAYBE it was because I told her it was Thanksgiving WHEN I had sneakily made sure we were all invited to the party. She owns a restaurant and I really did not want to eat blood soup like Elder Sorensen did last Thanksgiving…) Also, it was a real Thanksgiving because afterwards she told us we needed to go back the next day and eat the leftovers. GUYS, I HAD THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS. How funny is that? It was so great. I supported it.

And, because it is Thanksgiving I DO have to say that what I am grateful for this Holiday Season. Firstly, my calling. I freaking LOVE being a missionary and that is so lame and cheesy, but it is the greatest experience ever. If you can, GO. I also am so happy I have my companion, Sister Dumas. She is great and hilarious and we have so much fun every day. How do I always get the best comps? I do not know… life is good to me. I am also super grateful for this gospel I represent, how could I not be? I am so happy to just go out and talk to the world about this and the message it has. And of course, all of YOU. My family, my friends, meus queridos. I love you all so hard. Thank you for just being YOU and sending me funny things and showing me love. You all rock. And I love you, Random Citizen. (Somebody? Anybody?)

Also, so this is not TOO lame. I will tell you about the adventures of BABY head to close this story. Did I tell you guys that I had to clean a house these past weeks that is super sketchy? Like, it is really REALLY dirty and it is always an adventure when we clean it. One time, a huge armoire (who remembers how to spell that gem? DANG!) with all these class cups fell on me, except I quick sprinted away so it did not REALLY hurt too bad. No permanent damage. And another time, Elder Morse slammed me into a wall with a couch. So it is always a party. This last time, we discovered a room full of DOLLS, and one was just a baby head. Sister Dumas and I stole it, and now it is baby head.
with creepy baby
We hide it in EVERY place we can imagine to try to scare the elders. It is really, the perfect entertainment for two missionaries. Everyone should get one if possible.

Anyways, have a great week! I love you all. Party in the USA for me, will ya?

Sister Azevedo