(From 11/25/13)

Remember how in the United States, when someone has a surprise party, everyone works really hard to KEEP it that way and then at the party go HARD on making it a huge surprise. Right? That is normal behavior…. Well, Portugal is NAWT like that. Last Monday night, the Familia Cruz threw Sister Dumas a surprise party. Except, we kind of knew it was happening because she made us clear our schedules and also told the elders to come too. (okay, red flag.) So, when we get there we are PUMPED for everyone to go crazy, We knock the door, expecting the lights to be off, and us to walk in to everyone going CRAZY, but no one did. No one even told her happy birthday. We walked in and everyone was like “hello” just that. But at the end of the night, we ate cake and everyone kept calling it a surprise party. Sister Dumas and I affectionately labeled it the “ratchet” surprise party of our year, because it was so weird and funny. Maria da Carmo gave me earrings at the party too, so I wouldn’t be jealous that Sister Dumas got a cake (I am happy that people thing that is still a thing, because I supported it.) So… there is a taste of the Holidays from PortPort

Anyways, we have the sickest investigator right now, Vladimir. He is so cool. Seriously. He is from Guinea (of course. Also, someone should really tell me how to spell that word because I have no idea and this computer is in Portuguese so EVERYTHING I spell is incorrectly and also I use that country all the time and have no clue how to spell it.) Also, ALL our investigators are from there and it is sick. Anyways, Vladimir is friends with our investigator Lay (#roomiesandbesties) and so he sat in on the middle of a lesson and just was super interested. We are teaching him tonight. I am excited. Also, here is the cool part. You know how in Europe everyone is OBSESSED with soccer. Like, the professional soccer players are like, celebs and all that jazz. Kinda like pro-football players in the ol´US of A? Well, he plays for Academica! That is the club here. He is like, a sassy pro athlete. And we are teaching him! Isnt that cool? If he gets baptized I am SO requesting a shirt… And I am pretty sure I´d be justified in getting it, right guys? Kewl. Thanks for the support.

So, STEFAN! Stefan is so great guys. Seriously, meu povo, you do not understand his greatness until you realize that he freaking

A. gives us references all the time. He is like, “I was thinking about my friend, Michael, from work and he really needs to learn about the Plan of Salvation. Should I give him a pass-along card.” YA, you BETCHA, INVESTIGATOR. Go for it.

B. Was teaching me about the Kirtland Temple history (umm, ya… that was only SLIGHTLY awkward.) He was reading me stuff he had googled about all the history of the temples and also, he knows how much a ticket to Salt Lake is now… because he wants to start SAVING. Sick.

C. Helped us teach the restoration lesson to Susanna. So, Susanna has the attention span of like a three-year old, so it is really hard to teach her but he helped us out and was bearing his testimony about Joseph Smith and just being great.

Anyways, that family is going to start doing all of their studies together, family scripture study! YES!!!!

How cool was my week? Anyways, I hope you all have the best week ever!

Fiquem suave.

Sister Azevedo