(From 11/18/13)

Who remembers when I used to yell about how they totally ate blood here and how that is disgusting and how I would NEVER do it. How I would throw up and die before I did that. Oh, but WAIT. I did it. I ate blood last week. Curdled blood. Here is the problem in all of this, guys: I kind of freaking DUG it. It was so good. If I thought about what it was I would get extremely sick, but I did not. I just loved it. Everyone needs to try it STAT, or I can just make it for you when I get home. You are welcome. šŸ˜‰

Anyways, FIL got baptized this week! YES! Is that not the greatest? Anyways, I am not sure if I have mentioned this GEM before, but here it goes:
another guy

Fil Pontes. Homeland: Guinnea (I LOVE me some Guinnea! Seriously, Mane and now FIL!). Fil thinks tithing is really cool and he likes to read a lot. Me and him chatted about Ayn Rand once (ummmm… I hope that is allowed? Also, it was in olĀ“Portuguese so win for me!) Fil is a lawyer, and he has got the JOKES. Let me tell you. He is FUNNNY. Fil loves the second lesson, HARD. Why? Well, first off, because his dear wife died some years ago, but do not fret… they can be together again! And, when Fil was young, he was at a party and a fight broke out. Being the future lawyer that he was, he went to break it up, and successfully did so BUT in the process somehow got acid thrown all over him, which permanently disfigured his face. Luckily, we know that one day he will be once again in his perfect form, after the ressurrection (the FIRST ressurrection.) So, now, he is starting on his pathway and I am so excited for him! He is the best!

Also, it was Sister DumasĀ“ birthday this week. I tried to make it super fun, and hopefully I did but it is always hard to make a birthday on a mission a win. She seemed to be pretty excited, I made her the best meal I could think of and served it to her in bed. Oh ya, we have to stay in our beds at all times because it is FREEZING in our house. Raise your hand if you have a heater. If you raised your hand… I officially hate you. g

Anyways, CHRISTMAS is coming up! YESSSSS! Everyone should get really pumped up. Anyways, if you remember that I ALSO have a birthday coming up, or you just want to send me something for only Christmas or whatever, I am leaving my address here. ALSO if you want it to get her FORSURE before Christmas, you need to send it by the 21st, but really… I am down for whatever. Christmas can happen ALL throughout next year if it needs to be. šŸ™‚

HereĀ“s the old Mission Home address. Go crazy.
Rua Jorge Barradas
No 14C
1500- 370 Lisboa

Anyways, stay great! Love you all BUNCHES!
-Sister Azevedo