So, I may or may not have told Stefan that I was a professional baker before the mission. I am sorry, I feel bad, but I really needed to lie to him. BECAUSE, his baptism and wedding are hanging on by a thread, so I had to. So, him and his little fiance, Suzanna, are not very wealthy, and the ward said they would help out with a cake and stuff, but he does not want to feel like he is a burden. So, I just told him that I was a baker before my mission, and so I would be more than HAPPY to whip up a wedding cake for him. So, we will buy one and he will forever think I created this masterpiece. It is a GOLDEN plan if I do say so myself. Also, Suzanna was so awesome. She has NEVER been interested in our message, but last night she asked WHY the marriage was so important, and so we explained the importance of families, and how families can be together forever through the plan of God. We then showed TONS of pictures of temples, and she was like “I want to go there. I want to get married on the 14th, and then I want to get baptized on the 15th (of December), and then a year later I want to go there and get married.” I was like, okay… we can try to make that work. WHAT UP?!?!?

Anyways, that was awesome. That was an example of sweet, awesome Portuguese people. But, I can not lie, not all the mission is sunshine and rainbows. We also have our fair share of crazies. For example, we got WEST SIDED this week. A man who we were talking to outside his house, whipped out the west side sign and told us that Jesus was a gangster, and he is one too. It was super sketchy. Sister Dumas and I were like “sick. But, we gotta go dude, so stay fresh and also do not kill us.” (or at least that is what we thought as we quickly sprinted away.)

Also, I LOVE the ward here. It is so great. All the members are so sweet and happy and they always are down to help us. Also, they feed us all the time, and it is always good. This one Brazilian member goes SO BIG and I just support it. Brazilian food is so freaking yummy. Actually, for P-day today, we are all going out to get some food from a Brazilian restaurant. I am excited because they have friend bananas, and those things are off the HOOK! So ya, as you can probably already guess, I freaking love Coimbra with my whole heart. I love Portugal. Dang.

Oh, and if any of you are wondering about how the whole “language” thing is going, because, I guess I am out here NAWT speaking English, in Europe? (hmmm… who knew?) I would have to say that Portuguese is going great. I love this language. It is really fun to speak and I really understand basically all of it, sometimes I will not know a word or two but that is alright, I get the general idea of everything. So ya, if anyone ever needs to take a trip and wants to have a translator or guide or something, I am totally down. Buy me a plane ticket and we can make this happen. I am down, for sure!

Anyways, stay fresh and send me a letter or something. I like reading about how awesome you all are doing!

Sister Azevedo