Guys. I got transfered. President Fluckiger basically took us all off the island. Anyone who did not come here last transfer, got booted this transfer. Dang. It was way difficult because I freaking LOVE Madeira so much, and all my little darlings. Who will look after my ducklings now? Also, MANE was going to make us real deal Africa food! I was PUMPED! But no problem, right before the call to tell me about transfers, a sister in our ward was being mean to us about the baptism that was in the middle of the day on Saturday, so I was able to yell PEACE IM OUTTA THIS MESS!!!!! (Except, obviously I did not.). Silver lining, right? Plus, I can still write emails to everyone. I am going to miss Sister Call a LOT though. withCallAlso, when Sister Call and I were crying because we were leaving each other, cataract dog walked by. Cataract dog is this CRAZY scary dog that we saw everywhere. So like, mid cry I go “cataract dog, i needed you.” and so we just laughed. It was a nice little sadness breaker. I am gonna miss that dog. and bone hobo. and smith. Smithand mane. Maneand my little ducklings. but, all is well. Coimbra is kewl.

But, my new compy comp called me on Sunday and she was like, “Sister Taylor wants to talk to you!” (remember her from the MTC?) So, I got to talk to her for like, 20 minutes and it was awesome. I was so happy. We were yelling and being so happy. And THEN, yesterday I SAW SISTER CHRISTENSEN! Yesssss. It was so great. I loved it. She was like, my favorite girl evs in the MTC (obvio, AFTER Sista O left). So it was fun to see her again.

But, I traveled for like 11 hours. That was nawt ideal. The assistants drove me to the train station and then bought me some bread, so that was cool. Also, apparently I got a zone leader who has NOT spoken English his entire mission to speak to me. WHAT UP? I guess he just felt bad for the poor, cold Sister that was hungry and lost. SCORE! I feel very empowered. I can basically make anyone do anything. Who is impressed? Answer: all of you.

So, that was cool and fun. My last week in Madeira was pretty normal. I like that place. I learned a lot there, it was great. My Portuguese is a little bit better (we all hope) and I learned how to be a missionary out on the islands, but now I have this opportunity to learn in a new place: COIMBRA. I am pumped. Coimbra already gets like, fifteen thumbs up because it is pretty.

Peace out MadPad.

Okay, I will never call it that again.

Sister Azevedo