One of my FAVORITE things about this language, Portuguese, is that it has something called COMMAND form. Which means, you literally have a different word for something when you are commanded someone to do it. Sorrisa is the command form of smile. It is NAWT an option. I command you. Is that not the funniest? I do not know… I think it is pretty cool. You should too. Maybe I am just already a missionary who gets entertained too easily.

So, this week was pretty chill. EXCEPT WE BAPTIZED TWO PEOPLE. Who saw THAT coming? Ya, it was suave. So, the first one was MANE. MoneyRemember him? He was the guy that could not go to church because he had flip flops on… ya, who knows? Some GEWD facts about him for all of your enjoyment: he LOVES R.Kelly and the Backstreet Boys (although, he affectionately refers to R. Kelly as Kelly because he can not pronounce the R), he is from Guinnea (which means, he REALLY can not speak Portuguese all that well… but that is okay.), he LOVES families so much and always talks about how bad he wants one, AND he was Muslim. That is right, guys. We baptized a MUSLIM. How cool is that? It was awesome. He is the sickest. I love this guy to death. We gave me a drawing of this cute family with a quote about families in the gospel as a present. Check the picture out, he is cradling it so hard. He loves it. Mane and presentAlso, normally when people get baptized here they just wear like jeans. But, Mane came in a full suit (although it was a little big becasue he is an ex-fattie)! It was so fancy! He is so great.Anyways, I just love him so much and I am so excited for him to keep keeping on.

The other baptism was LUIS. Luis is so great. You all already know about him. He is my favorite guy ever. He is so freaking happy. Some facts about him: he pronounces the word “yeah” really funny. He also says it ALL the time. He loves English, and he will always just whip out a random English word. He says he is diabetic, but he went SO BIG on the cake at his baptism, so who freaking knows… Also, he has the greatest testimony ever. I am not kidding. I am so HAPPY. Sister Call and I found him, taught him, and he was baptized in about two weeks. That is INSANE. He was so freaking prepared. It is just gewd. So his baptism was right after church, and Diogo, who is our ward mission leader who just got called to freaking BRAZIL on a mission got to baptize him. Diogo and LuisIt was real nice for all involved. Sister Call and I sang Careco do Jesus (I need the every hour) and like, no one here can sing AT ALL so everyone was crying and thinking we were the greatest in the world. Which we are, but still…. It was an all around good weekend.

Also, Leslee and I are twins, even on our missions. Her last letter said she does the nails of old people! I DO TOO! On Saturday Night, Sister Call and I went to visit our fave lady, Zita. Zita is so old. She probably had a pet dinosaur growing up, and she LOVES red nail polish. So, we went and painted her nails. I brought my nail polish, but she hated it. I was only like, slightly offended. Who does not love CAJUN SHRIMP? It was okay though… I painted them sassy red and she felt like a princess. It was super fun!

So, I LOVED this week. Everyone go listen to some Backstreet Boys because they are golden. Maybe some R. Kelly too, if you are into that kind of thing… but you should not be. R. Kelly is kind of the worst. And, that is coming from a missionary, so it is basically truth. Word.

-Sister Azevedo