So, first off that is my favorite thing to say to anyone ever. Because it is funny, and everyone always love it when I do it. So, I just go for it always. Try it out. It is sweet! This week was so GEWD. You guys do not realize how much freaking party time I have EVERY SINGLE DAY! Like, missions are the funnest things in the world. (And funnest is NOT even a word.. Thanks Hayley)Call

So, I had a great week! Sister Call and I found THE CUTEST FAMILY ever. They are like, super normal people too, which is way different. Normally, only crazies want to talk to us (Hey, Bone Hobo… except also, I think he might be too cool for us too sooooooo…. awk.) But no, this family is cute. It is Sara and Margarita and then the parents. We had a Family Home Evening with them and we are going to start teaching the real lessons this week. It was kind of hilarious because we brought little gummies and then also a dessert but the mom is a nutritionist (sass, right?) So we just gave the gummies and then gave the other Sisters in our house the dessert. Now the other sisters thing we are literally ANGELS. Which, I mean, we are… But still… But ya, I love this family with all my heart. They made us a welcome sign for our first visit. HOW CUTE? Margarita and SaraAnd we helped Margarita with her English homework. Sara and I like math and she told me my hair was pretty. I seriously can not thing of a better connection.

We also have a baptism marked for this week for a man named Luis. He is so HAPPY. He basically contacted US because he was hanging out of his window and was like, so happy and so nice. He is super excited about the gospel and he loved church yesterday. What a doll. But, he lives alone so we have to teach him with his CRAZY neighbor. She is like a million years old and she is seriously a whack job but she loves us and whenever we sings she goes “CINCO ESTRELLAS” like SUPES loud. Like, she just YELLS it. She just GOES for it and it is so funny. She is the best. Crazy Portugal is so good to me.

So, I am writing a LITTLE later today because we went on the funniest hike EVER! Hike1It was a district P-day again and I loved it. We hiked up into the clouds and then above them! It was seriously so beautiful, but also it was like all uphill (HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE, PORTUGAL?!?!) So, I was like… a little tired and not TOO into that part. But, it was still so freaking fun! You gotta love it. It is pretty and I also got to drink some yummy juice that Elder Bezerra brought… so obviously that is an all around win for Madeira.

I liked this week a lot. Now, I want an ice cream cone and I want to take a nap… so basically, the same old same old. (Amirite?)

Love you all to the moon!

Sister Azevedo