…on the mission is not a thing. Sorry, Darling. EXCEPT it kind of is because Sister Dumas and I had the BEST costumes ever. I was: SISTER DUMAS. Yep. It was so original, and has not been done a million times before. (JK, it is so classic missionary that it kind of hurts my brain. But, it was still good.) So we just switched tags and laughed the entire day. CatsStreet contacts were HILARIOUS “Sou sister az- ummm- DUMAS”. So, we still tried to have a good jolly time. WE ALSO GOT TRICK OR TREATERS. Except that really, Portuguese people do not actually dress up in costumes, and they come and sing this creepy chant song in front of your door so I was actually kind of scared to answer the door to three 12 year old black kids chanting. But we did, and then we gave them digestive cookies because that is all we had to offer. They liked it.

Anyways, COIMBRA. COIMBRA is sick guys. So, you know how in Harry Potter everyone wears those freaking cloaks and we just assume it is because the are wizards. It is not. It is because JK Rowling wrote the book HERE in Coimbra, and people wear CLOAKS to school. It is a thing here. The university students do it. It is so cool. I see like, twenty wizards a day. So, be jealous. Also, other great stuff about moving and Coimbra and blah blah blah:

1. I found all my bobby pins, which was nice. Seriously, I had FIVE and ONE hair tie for my entire time on Madeira. It was really stressful, but I worked through it.

2. I have socks again! That was really, really nice. I really missed socks and also it is so freezing here that I have to wear three pairs. In the house. Because we do not have a heater. Cool. Portugal. What can you do, am I right?

3. I am planning a WEDDING. Stefon, our investigator, has to get married so he can follow the law of chastity and we are planning his wedding! YES! I am so super pumped. If anyone has any ideas on how to make a wedding cute with like, NOTHING to work with, that would be great (Kylee.. I am looking at YOU!)

4. The ward is so good. They are so excited about missionary work and always want to help and it is awesome. It is way different than Madeira, because we have third generation members here! It is really just sick! I am excited to work here. Also, all the missionaries here are hilarious.

5. Sister Dumas. She is really funny. I am super lucky to always get good companions that always relate to me. We also are both obsessed with deep doctrine right now, so our companionship studies are always us just searching and analyzing one or two scriptures for more depth. It is great. Speaking of different studies, everyone should read Jesus The Christ RIGHT NOW. It is awesome. I have just started it and I am already in love. Good luck!

Anyways, this week was great. I hope you all had a good week too and I have a challenge for all of you: You can see me Halloween costume so go ahead and send me YOURS. I want to see what you all did on Halloween! Thanks, darlings!

Sister Azevedo

PS: Kate has a new address:
Escadas Praceta Pedro
Alvares Cabral No 5 1C
Coimbra, Portugal