BOM BABY! We had General Conference this week. I am sure you all knew that. Was it not great? I love General Conference. Especially because everyone in the ward goes so big on throwing treats at Sister Call and I during the conference. Seriously. Everyone just brought us crackers and cookies and were like “Come eat at my house after…” or “here is some candy!!!” It was not normal behavior, and I felt like the princess of conference.

Downfall: it was in Portuguese! I am kidding, that is not a downfall. It was cool, because I love this freaking Language. And, I was able to understand mostly ALL of it, but it was a little hard to follow stories and I really missed hearing the VOICES of the apostles and of course, the Prophet. But have no fear, my intelligent BRAIN was there!

Anyways, I loved conference. We walked with two investigators to conference, but as we walked to the church building my FAVORITE man from Guinea is like “I didn’t bring the right shoes… I can not go.” And he just throws a fit, like five minutes from the chapel and walks home. Drama queen to the extreme. BUT he showed up the next day so that was surprising and good. The other investigator, Manuel, told us that he has been reading the Book of Mormon and he KNOWS it is true and he KNOWS that the Church is true and it is the church of Christ! So basically, I am thinking you will be seeing some pictures of a baptism pretty soon!!!

Also, this is really gross so close your eyes if stuff grosses you out easily. I FREAKING GOT AN INFECTION IN MY FINGER. But, the story is kinda funny so I want to tell you all.. So, we blame it on this homeless man we affectionately call “Bone Hobo” because last Monday he was like “I have an injury…” and the he SHOWED us because EVERYONE here does that. All the time. I have seen SO MANY WEIRD SKETCHY SCARY injuries. I do not think I like it, but I could totes be a doctor now. Nothing phases me. Anyways, he lifts up his sleeve to the top of his arm, like almost shoulder, and he has this NASTY cut and his BONE IS STICKING OUT! Like, it looked like it was straight outta a slasher film. It was insane. Anyways, he made me give him my apple… and so I was really hungry that day but it was funny, and weird, and so Portuguese. But anyways, we shook hands with him and I had a tiny cut on my finger and the next day it was an INFECTION. I had to go the to pharmacy here and they gave me a weird cream and it was scary because I was afraid I was going to get what bone hobo had… luckily I THINK I am in the clear. Fingers crossed.

So, it is a rule of my mission that we can not have our nails painted except for neutral colors. So, Sister Call and I painted our nails this gray polish from Urban (Lulu, lembra?) and then also this tan color that Anna gave me in the MTC (Thank you darling!) Like, we are switched so one color is our toenails, the other for fingers… and THEN we added sparkle on top.

So, I have sparkly nails and I feel fancy.

Go paint your nails. It is fun!

Sister Azevedo