I am… and don´t call me Shirley. I thought that quote at least FIVE MILLION TIMES THIS WEEK. So, that is… nice.

Anyways, this week was seriously JUST GEWD. I LOVE my new companion so freaking much. Seriously, we are twins and it is the greatest. All of her favorite things are also all my favorite things to do. But really, Sister Call and I have mini parties every day, we work hard, we contact like crazy, we love the gospel and we love each other. No joke, it was an instant connection. She felt it too Now, we are just hanging out at all the time and it is just good.I really feel like this was a turn for my mission because it is not like I did not like my mission before, but now I really see why people say missions are the best times of their lives. Like, I LOVE MY MISSION NOW. SO MUCH!!! I am so excited to see what these next weeks have for us because seriously we are going to be successful, I KNOW it.

For my investigators, we had a good week too. Carlos is this AWESOME jovem. Seriously, when he prays he always asks for help to find the “Caminho Certo” which is like, the path he needs to take in life. And I always want to yell right afterwards, “It is HERE, right HERE!!!!!” But, I hold back because I know he needs to know for himself, and so we just are out here teaching and preaching to him. He is seriously great though and I am really excited to continue teaching.

Also, I swear people can tell when you are just loving life, and then people want to follow you because Sister Call and I were at a bus stop just waiting and laughing and chatting and I smiled at this man, and he crosses the street and he is like “oh sorry, I have to run, but hello” (he had stuff for soccer, like a ball and cleats) and so I just go “Podemos passar sua casa esta semana com nosso mensagem sobre Jesus Cristo?” (Can we talk to you about our message this week… basically) and he is like “oh totally.” and gives us the information and gives us his number and let´s us pray with him right there and it was just really great.

So, another GREAT thing about this week is that we work hard. We run, but like SPRINT, every single day, up the mountains for exercise. (So, do not fret.. I am not gonna get fat out here.) Afterwards, we go all out, we talk to everyone we feel like we should, and we have good lessons. But we also just have fun. We make sure to remember that people will want to follow our happiness, so we make everything fun and exciting, because missionary work SHOULD be fun! I love it!

Anyways, something funny: The DIRECT translation of the Notebook, from Portuguese to English is the passion journal. Let that simmer. I thought it was pretty funny. You should too. You do not have to, we all have our AGENCY!

Anyways, have some dang good weeks for me!!! Love you all so much!

-Sister Azevedo