This week was THE BEST one so far on my mission! I seriously loved every, soaking wet second of it.

Wait.. soaking wet? Yes, that is correct. IT IS SO RAINY HERE! It rains every day. wetAnd it is cold, and like.. a little miserable. Also, it is FOGGY here! Who knew? And, I think NONE of you reading this, unless you have been to Madeira, actually know what fog is because it is insane here. But, that does not matter because sometimes, the rain lets up and it is HELLO PRETTY PORTUGAL again! So, during one of these nice times, Sister Call and I decided to go contact people in cafes (it TOTALLY works, and is not even awkward) so we talked to this old man who was like, “let me buy you food.” and we said we were not hungry but then this ice cream and crabcakes get brought out for us. So that was a total WIN! I ate it in like, one second flat. (even though I still think crab is gross.) And, he is awesome and has a TON of potential so we are meeting him tomorrow, same time. Same cafe. I definitely have my fingers crossed for like, a pastry or something.

Anyways, that is an example of an AWESOME nova pesquisador, but I also know a few hilarious stories of the opposite. We met this super sweet old lady (or so it APPEARED) in a pingo doce (supermarket) and she gave us her address. It was Rua do Combollos numero 73A. The lady was like, “oh it is super close” and we were like cool. I thought I knew the road, and I did. But it was not really that close, but I did not think anything of it. So it WAS the road I was thinking of, and this road is awesome EXCEPT that it is a straight up MOUNTAIN so we start climbing, and we have to go to SEVENTY THREE. When we hit 40, it starts over again at 1 (Crazy Portuguese roads…) and so we seriously hiked this for like, forty minutes. We were DYING afterwards, only to get to the sixties. 61, 63, okay… this is good, 65, 67, so close, 69, 71, 75, 77. Wait… WHERE IS 73. Oh, cool. IT DID NOT EXIST. Isnt that the most evil, calculated grandma EVER? She sent us up a mountain with a FAKE address. It was so crazy, but Sister Call and I just laughed and headed back. It was crazy because we made bad luck a funny memory! Forever!

So, Sister Call and I are the same person. Everything we talk about is always like “WHAT I DO THAT TOO!” So she was talking about her cheer coach from high school and she goes, “Well Monika was…” And we FREAKED out. We are so twins, even our cheerleading coaches have the same name! Is that not really funny? We thought it was crazy, maybe we are deprived of REAL entertainment out here? Also, I cut my hair. Or, to be MORE precise… Sister Call cut my hair. I like it a lot. I cut off about 4 inches, a little less in some places. It is SUPER healthy now, and it i still long. Do not worry. I am really happy about it. I will try to have like, before and after pictures for MOMENTES occasion!

So, obviously THIS WEEK ROCKED! I hope you all had fun ones too! Make the next one EVEN greater, and if you have a difficulty, try the easiest FIX in the world: a prayer!

Sister Azevedo