Ohhhh this week. It was another fun one, but to be honest I can not remember ALL that much about this week. The weeks blend a bit because we do similar things every week. We talk and preach to everyone we meet, we have lessons, and we eat a freak ton of rice. Every single week!

Sonia and Louisa

Sonia and Lousia

This week was Sister Nigri´s last week on the Island (she knew she was going to leave because she had been out her for SIX months, and that is a LOT of time.) So, we spent a lot of the week just visiting recent converts and everyone so she could make sure she said goodbye.

Familia Vieria

Familia Vieria

We also spent the week cleaning a house for a lady in our ward. Her husband is a non-member, who HATES the church and so she told him to choose: Her, going to church, or No church, but no her. He chose the latter. Which is just sad, but she does not care. She says the church is more important anyways. I hope I have faith like THAT someday. So, we cleaned for her, and it was a JOB because it took a really, really LONG time. It was kind of a gross apartment (By kind of I mean, literally the nastiest. No problem though.)

Also, yesterday was TRANSFERENCIAS! So, around four as we are walking to an appointment with Costa (an AWESOME dude who loves the scriptures and is getting baptized next week… pics to come.), when we get THE CALL. I have been hoping for an American so that I can start to talk even more in lessons (I talk a fair amount, but I think with an American I would even more.)And so that we could just chat more and all that. But no, it is a Brazilian. A 29-year-old Brazilian who is very serious and can not speak English. At all. Nothing. And has no desire to learn. I almost started crying on the spot because I do not think I could do that. So, I said a quick prayer to make me feel better and went on throughout the day. But, I could NOT stop feeling nervous and terrible and so scared and inadequate. That is when we get a call from the Assistants. They tell me that President Fluckiger received a feeling that I needed to be with a DIFFERENT Sister, Sister Call. All at once, I felt a burden lifted. I know we are always told that the Lord will never put you through something you can not handle, and he will always provide a way. I know that was the way for me. I think I might serve with the other Sister another time, but Heavenly Father KNOWS me and he knew I needed to be with Sister Call now. Isn´t that cool?

Anyways, I meet her tonight and I am really excited! Sister Dudley left this morning, and Sister Nigri! So that is sad! But, they are off to Lisboa! SO COOL! I love my mission so much! If you can, go out!!!!

Madeira is seriously hilarious, and I can not think of exact things but it just is. Also, the pasteries. I can die happy now.


Sister Azevedo