Hey everyone.

This week was crazy, but also I can not really remember anything that happened. Oh well! Anyways, I KNOW we met the coolest guy, Costa. He is this sweet old man and he is getting BAPTIZED this Saturday! I am so excited! His wife is actually an inactive member, but she went to church this week with him, so it was double awesome! So, it was a great week of success.

Also, last night Sister Nigri and I had the coolest experience. We were walking at about 9 last night to visit the Familia Franco (picture included),Familia Franco and suddenly Sister Nigri is like, we should knock on that door. So, we do. And we hear someone yell who is it (but I must say, it sounds REALLY angry in Portuguese), so I thought “great,someone is going to yell at us.” Except no, we said we are missionaries and the lady said, come to the door. We went to the door, and she invited us in. We sang a song to her learned a little about her. She is alone because she can not have children and her husband died 19 years ago! But, we shared with here that she will be with him some day, and that she can have kids too someday. Also, we said WE could be here children now and she was really excited and is just the cutest. Anyways, I LOVE ZITA and I feel like she is the next baptism, after Costa. She is prepared. I swear! Is it not the coolest thing that we are led to all these great people, excited and prepared for our message? I love Madeira.

Also, the pictures this week are from TODAY! P-day in Camara da Lobos! The elders in our district work here and it is the coolest area. Since it is the last week of the transfer, the elders invited us to have some party time with them. It was great. HikeWe hiked down to the water (and climbed a HUGE amount of rocks) to get here, but boy it was worth it. It is way pretty, right? Blue WatrerAlso, we ate at Tuscanos. But like, the real version and everyone was speaking Portuguese and I was really confused on what was going on and so I ended up getting a freaky amount of meat. Uh oh. Nawt good. But also, it was REALLY awesome and I do not regret it one bit! Oh, PLUS the Elders and us had a bet, and we WON and so they BOUGHT us food. So seriously, I ate fa freeeeee. I love that. so bad.

So, this is my LAST week of my first transfer in the field. WHAT? CRAZY! I must say though, I might not be able to write a lot, or anything, next week because of transfers. On the island, we have difficulties during transfers because people have to fly in and fly out and it is just crazy! Mission problems, am i right? So, I BET I can, but if not… Do not freak out. I am alive. I know it will be hard for you, I am BASICALLY the light of your lives. 😉

Also, if someone could look up the English translation of Cervada that would be great. It is this drink here, that is kind of like coffee, but is not coffee. I am curious if it exists in the ol US of A. Thanks hot stars!

Love you all so much, who am I kidding? YOU are the light of MY life! Have the bestest week and go drink a milkshake for me!

Sister Azevedo