LOL. jk. Sempre. This week though, I did NOT get my fair share. It was hard. I will tell you all about WHY.

So, Sister Nigri and Sister Almeida had to go to Lisboa for a leadership meeting and so Sister Dudley and I were companions. First of all, I love Sister Dudley to death. Mostly because she is a really spiritual person, but also because she likes to speak in English and eat pastries. My kind of person. Seriously, I had a pastry that basically tastes like a donut with frosting, but like the best donut ever, with the best frosting ever. THE LIFE. Oh, and last week we ate at the BK Lounge, except here it is SO MUCH BETTER. It has the best cheeseburgers, and fries ever. Also, the good fanta. Like is great.So, ya I love when she is my companion. But, on Tuesday she got a phone call that said she had to leave for Lisbon that night to get her residencia card, so we had to leave for the airport at like 8. The sisters would land at about 12, but Sister Dudley´s flight was at like, 11 so I was gonna be by myself. Cool, nao e?

Except, when we got there Sister Dudley´s flight got cancelled, and the next one was at 5 am. Still, we would wait for the sisters at midnight. Except they missed their flight. I DIDNT ACTUALLY KNOW THAT IS A THING PEOPLE DO BUT APPARENTLY IT IS. So, we learn this at MIDNIGHT. They have a flight out of lisbon at 9 am. WHAT DO I DO? I freak out for a second, call my district leader (who is seriously my dad now. I will talk about that in a bit), and then Paulo Vieira calls us and tells us he is picking me up. My first thought is: I CANT STAY AT THE VIEIRAS, THEY ONLY HAVE SONS. But, luckily, he was just driving me to Lorena´s house. Anyways, at midnight Irmao Paulo comes, with all his kids, even his BABY. Who was AWAKE, at midnight!!! Portugal, man. So, they take me to Lorenas house. Lorena just recently got her mission call to LISBOA BABYYYY so she was my companion for the night. She even did my studies with me and woke up really early with me, nice darling… I recalled the DLs (this is the dad part, he was like: call me in the morning and if you get scared tonight, call me, apparently I am a baby…) and went to bed.

Oh, also everyone here is so loving because Lorena like, brought me cake and lemonade before bed and made me pancakes the next morning. EVERYONE IS SO GREAT.

But ya, after that.. I really didnt get that much sleep. Then, the next night we had to pick up Sister Dudley from the airport, so really… this was a week of limited sleep. I will sleep a lot today, FORSURE.

No baptisms this week, but that does not matter because we just have the greatest people in the world out here on Madeira. Everyone is so friendly and just excited about the gospel. Plus, I can really see a difference in the lives of the people we teach. Also, Joao (From last week), wore a suit and tie to church this week! It was the cutest! He is the best!

Also I do not have any pictures, I could take a selfie now, but also… I am actually not 15 anymore so I am going to have to pass. I will try to take more this week. Maybe I will attach and oldie but goodie from the MTC that I never sent.With Sis Christensen

Actually, YES I WILL do that.

HAVE A GREAT WEEK you beauties. Feel free to just party time and be kind to the missionaries. They have to walk a lot, and it is always uphill. Can someone please explain to me HOW that is possible? K, thanks.

-Sister Azevedo