What up, America? Dang, that place is the KEWLEST.

So, Sister Nigri headed out on Sister Training Leader duties to the Acores this week so it was just Sister Dudley and I. (Her comp is ALSO a STL). We spoke English at night and I loved it so bad. Also, Sister Dudley is really funny and has really good pre-mish tales. My kinda person. So, Sis Dudley and I just split our areas and so some days I would go to her area, and sometimes she would go to mine. We had a REALLY successful week. Three marks and a baptism! Oh, and WHO got baptised, you should ask? Well, only my favorite person in the world JOAO. (btw, EVERYONE is named Joao here, but he is my favorite. for sure). He is really funny and likes to really fight us on different points, but it was just so cool to see him get baptized! Dang, I am SO EXCITED.With Joao

A sister from my ward opened her mission call this week. She literally got called to the COOLEST mission ever. PORTUGAL LISBOA. A couple of things: who knew that was possible? I thought you could not get called to your home mission but I stand corrected. Fun. But also, she was just so excited and she enters the MTC in October so I could train her… hahaha. I pity the person who gets trained by me.

So, this week was not SUPER duper exciting. Just funny. Oh wait, I just remembered the FUNNIEST man. So, the ONE person we meet, who speaks English and is interested, is this CRAZY man from Belgium. We took him to church and afterwards he had a million questions written down for me about a picture (With Christ and the lady near the well.) Questions like:

Why wont she give him water? What is he pointing at? What are they fighting about? Why did Christ kill himself?

The last one? I was so confused. But, I tried to help him. Anyways, he has a cane and he ALWAYS throws it in the air to show me he can catch it and it is so funny and weird. I love Madeira.Madeira

HAVE A GREAT WEEK ALL OF YOU because even though I love Madeira, I love you all too. badly.

Sister Azevedo