Jk, no one calls Madeira that.

But I do.

This week was SWEET. Two baptisms this week for the coolest guys I know: Duarte and Delfin. Delfin and DuarteThey are best friends and are so super Portuguese and I just love them to death! Seriously, so good. The work out here is awesome, there are so many people just excited about the gospel and it makes my job a little easier! Whoop Whoop!

Anyways, I have finally experienced enough Madeira food to tell you that America kills it on both being VERY unhealthy and just tasting GEWD. The food here is just alright. Weird thing: the milk doesn’t have to be refrigerated before opened. It kind of scares me but I am also into it. Also, I had to drink warm milk one day out of a freshly opened container and it was the grossest thing that has every happened, ever. Gifts of condolences are accepted.

So, there are lizards everywhere. Luckily, I LOVE nature. Right, guys? SIKEEEE, I hate lizards. Anyone who has ever camped with me knows that (right, Anna?) Anyways, I am giving a lesson to Duarte and Delfin and I feel this weird pressure on my foot and I look down and it is a LIZARD just CHILLING there. ON MY FOOT. So, naturally I shake my foot just a little bit, and it crawls away and I continue on my lesson. lol, jk.I FREAK THE FREAK OUT. I kick my foot up and this lizard, no joke, is flying through the air above me and I am screaming so loud and trying to move out of my chair and everyone is laughing and needless to say, it was hard to continue the lesson after that. Also, I think that lizard is scarred for LIFE.

Also, American music is everywhere. FUN. Oh and, they love Sarah Jessica Parker. You can buy bags and hair clips with her face on them… tempting. I know what you are all getting for CHRISTMAS!

So, Sisters get hit on ALL THE TIME here, and it’s funny. There is this hilarious cycling class that meets every morning, and it is just a ton of fat, sweaty shirtless male tourists and then this Arnold Schwarzenegger look-a-like. No joke, he even has the accent. And every day he goes “oiiiii bonitassss” to us and it is WEIRD.

Anyways, I hope you all had the greatest week. I love it here. It’s hilarious and it’s such a privilege to be out on an island. There are only 12 missionaries out here, with only four being Sisters so it is not a common area to serve, but I am here! M-town sistersWHOOP WHOOP! What a great life!


-Sister Azevedo