Kate’s first letter from Portugal!

You know when you watch a movie, and they are in this crazy CRAZY beautiful place that basically is paradise and you think, “That MUST be edited because nothing actually looks like that in real life.” Well, if you do this, you are WRONG. A place does, and I LIVE there. When I got to the mission home on Wednesday, after a totally heart breaking journey where my suitcase broke and also I think a Hindu man dissed me but I am not totally sure, I learned that I would be serving in MADEIRA. Madeira IS paradise. No joke. Everyone google now. Also, mom. Family trip. Stat. Who is with me? The only downfall is that I could only take one suitcase, that was 23 kilos, which is a little LESS than half my stuff, so that is kind of a big bummer, especially because I could be here until Christmas (most likely, like 3 or 4 transfers…) Oh well, it is ALL gewd.

With PresidentAnyways, my companion is Sister Nigri. She is from Brazil, so she speaks Portuguese. She can speak English, and I am going to help her learn, but it is easier for her to just speak Portuguese so I basically speak it 24 hours a day. Awesome. If only I knew Portuguese… But I definitely will SOON. I have to. But all in all, she is great. We make jokes and can communicate pretty well with what I do know.

This week we had a baptism for Carlos. CarlosCarlos is this tiny man who is just so funny and crazy and I really love him. Oh, do you remember back in the day when people would say “that awkward moment when…?” Well, I have one for you today. That awkward moment when you make a thou shalt not kill joke like “No need to worry there”only to find out that your investigator totally killed someone once… ummmm. oops. That was weird. (That was NOT Carlos, do not worry.) Also, I invited Duarte to be baptized and he is going to THIS SATURDAY! Him and his best friend, Delfin, are both getting baptized and they are so good. Duarte never smiles, even in pictures, and it is hilarious. Delfin only smiles at my funny Portguese. They are a match for sure.

Funny stuff: A recent convert, Wang, is from China. We were singing with him and he has such a funny accent, like Portuguese with a chinese accent, and so in my head I was thinking “this is hilarious” but I did not laugh. Except, Sister Nigri started giggling and then I LOST it. This made Wang laugh, so we are all sitting there just cracking up and it was all over his terrible singing. Sad and good.

Also, you know how I love cats and you all think it is weird? Well, it is not. It is in my heritage. Everyone has cats here, and everyone is like SUPER affectionate to them, so TAKE THAT. Speaking of my heritage, EVERYONE here looks like me and it is hilarious. Also, every person looks like grandpa, or Uncle John. (Seriously, the dad of the micoela family is his twin. His short, shirtless twin)

Anyways, I LOVE this place. It is difficult, as all work is. I teach English lessons to the family Vieria every Sunday and it is super fun. Their son, Diogo, is 18 and prepping for a mission. He is the coolest. Oh, but who is the ACTUAL coolest? For once, not me! It is BRUNO. Bruno got baptized a month ago and is preparing for a mission. (He knows he has to wait but he is just so excited so he is starting early.) He is my favorite person ever.

Also, everyone calls us lindas and I love it. so bad. OH! My first meal: sheep and rice. Oh gosh.

Have a fun week and send me some letters, packages, love. It all gets sent to the mission home, but STILL. The address is: (multiple people asked so it is easier this way)

Rua Jorge Barradas
No 14C
1500- 370 Lisboa

Love you all so bad.

Sister Azevedo