Also a little late, but I just got back from vacation, so give me a break.  Got this on Monday, just so the dates she says makes sense.  Sister Azevedo is in Portugal now!

So, I’m leaving the MTC tomorrow. That’s cool. Nothing to exciting going on here. I’m kind of excited. I guess. I don’t know. It’s just whatevs.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’M LEAVING THE MTC TOMORROW!!! TO PORTUGAL!!! Whoop Whoop!!! Twin Districts
Anyways, this week was really fun. It was my last week here and I must say that they whole “last week will suck out all your life and you will feel like you don’t even need to study” thing you hear sometimes is, REGRETFULLY, true. I felt like this entire week I was just like “but… Portugal” and I wasn’t TOTALLY focused on the language. DANG IT. Luckily, my district and I also stopped speaking English, really. I’m actually pretty dang surprised at how much I already know. My conjugations are just okay, and it takes me a bit to remember them, but that will come with time, so I am good.

Coolest experience! I realized that people other than my mom and Anna read this! My friend from BYU, Sister Stolk entered the MTC this week. With S StolkThe first thing she tells me is that she LOVES my blog. I felt like a celebrity, because basically I am now. Most likely: this is viral. Maybe. Also, Sister Stolk is a celebrity because it’s her first week and SHE GOT HER VISA! TO BRAZIL! That’s unheard of. That’s amazing. I want to be her when I grow up! But also… I’m the celebrity here. No one forget it.

Sooooo, the Elders left to Mozambique on Sunday at 4 am. They still are not there, as I write this, more than 30 hours later. Bummer. They actually flew into Johannesburg (literally have NO idea how to spell that, and really… I JUST blame America’s poor geography program… I know nothing), and so they have a 12 hour bus drive from South Africa to Maputo. So… that’s… nice. But, the sisters and I thought it would just be the BEST idea to wake up at 3:45 and see them off. TOTALLY! I was totally into it. I wasn’t fighting it or trying to make everyone realize that is the worst idea ever… that wasn’t me. Oh wait, YES IT WAS. 4 AM IS SO EARLY. And also, I’ve known these elders, like 6 weeks. But, if anyone knows me they know that I do not do things just half way. If I’m waking up to send someone off then I’m doing it in STYLE. So, I found fruit snack packs in our room, and made them really cute cards with Alma 26:31 written on it. (It’s about the FRUITS of our labors.. get it? get it? I’m so punny.) But ya, that made Sunday the longest, worst day ever because I was so tired and it was fast Sunday so I was hungry. But also, SUNDAYS HERE ARE THE BEST so I couldn’t complain too much. AND I saw two of my favorite people in the Universe. 😉At temple

Anyways, I want to ENCOURAGE you all to do something. Look up The UN’s 2008 pick for best documentary. It’s entitled “best interest of the child.” Also, on YouTube, “Cultural Imperialism.” Remember my AWESOME teacher from Mozambique? Ya, basically that is about HIM. Well, sort of? I’m not sure. It’s about adoption in third world countries and it was made BECAUSE the people who were trying to adopt him got this issued raised by making this documentary. I didn’t get to actually watch the videos, obviously, but it seems awesome.The whole story is super cool. I’ll tell y’all later. But a dummed down version is just that this guy is AMAZING. He has the coolest story every and I am so happy that he was my teacher. Please check out these videos and tell me what you think about them. I’d love to hear.

On to the Superlatives!

Elder of the Week: Boone “Thunderclap” Christianson. Really. This one was obvious. Elder Christianson, a recent Timpview graduate, and I first bonded over the fact that we know the SAME people… although he knows their little siblings, like Chrissy and Adam. But, because I am just so cool, he’s really attached himself to me. He EVEN wanted to write a letter to my friends. Lame. But, I allowed him too because he does a really good sad puppy impression. I think it’s EVEN better than mine. Who saw that coming?

Blunder of the Week: Great lesson. It’s going so good. Vasco says he wants to part of the “Marinas”. Marinas. Like ocean, water, etc. Got it. He wants to be a scuba diver? Okay. I’ll clarify, right? But I don’t know how to say that, so I go (in Portuguese) Man who looks at fish. Ya. turns out Marinas… is Marines. Cool. Who knew that other countries called them Marines. It was funny to see my teacher-turned-fake-investigator try not to bust up realizing my confusion. Oh well. At least I do that NOW instead of later.

Anyways, I love you all! I’m headed out now so it’d be better to just email me at, but if you DO want to write me a letter it’s in my About Me section on the old Facebook. Is Facebook cool still? How out of date am I?

Someone watch the Wedding Singer. I have Grow Old With You stuck in my head SO BAD. Luckily, that’s a killer good song.

Love you all!

-Sister Azevedo