Sorry about the delay this week!  I was on vacation.

Week Five.

That seems crazy for a couple of reasons:

A. It seems like I entered the MTC four seconds ago.

B. I don’t remember the outside world. I don’t REALLY remember my life before my mission. I REALLY CAN BARELY remember how anyone looks.

But alas, it’s happened. Which is crazy. This week was the same as normal. Which means, this week I went to class, learned a lot of weird stuff, and party timed. Yes. They always say that you should only tell people you were sick, or injured, on a mission AFTER you feel better. So here it goes: Last week my leg hurt so bad I thought I would die. We were playing soccer (I’m a G!) and I moved it weird, it made a weird sound, and I thought for sure I tore something. I DID. Luckily, it was just a little tendon tear and now I just can’t play soccer. So, that was scary and stressful but it’s over now. No one freak out. Care packages ARE encouraged.

The BEST part of the week was Friday. Travel plans Friday! WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS! I head out next week! To Portugal. Oh ya! Remember how I’m LIVING IN LISBON PREACHING TO PORTUGAL?DSC00098 That’s cool. I mean, I guess… So, I head out next Tuesday, I fly from Salt Lake out to Texas to London to Lisbon. I support ALL OF THIS! The best part is this though: I am the travel leader. I lead the travelers. Basically, the elder, or sister, with the first name in the alphabet gets to be the travel leader. What does this mean? You may ask. It means I am in charge of not losing anyone and if anything bad happens (we leave someone, or miss a flight, etc) I have to call the travel office. Isn’t that so fancy? I am over 16 other missionaries, who I know affectionately call my babies. Everyone loves it, except for Elder Muniz who was a back up basketball dancer in HSM3. Cool fact, huh? He gets angry that HE isn’t sky captain. Some just walk in the light though? (Reference that?) Oh, also: I only answer to Sky Captain Sis A. It’s a long title, but worth it.


Elder of the Week: Elder Sip. 18-year-old Elder “NELSON” Sip was born in Southern Utah but now presides in Cedar City. He enjoys laughing at my jokes and being impressed with my awesome self. He’s a red-head who is heading out to Mozambique this Sunday! We have always been buds but this week we have bonded hard over our love of sucking at volleyball and telling weird jokes whilst eating cookies at dinner. He gets me.

Blunder of the Week: DSCN0784Let’s see… My Portuguese is getting better so blunders are few and far in between. This blunder comes from the MTC this week. For our Sunday movie, we watched Legacy. For those who don’t know Legacy, it’s a pioneer movie basically centered around a girl finding a husband. Us MTC-ers DIED laughing at all the hilarious smooch scenes. We are ALL already so awkward and it was hilarious. Pioneer stories are really cool though. Also, another blunder: as a district, we were chatting about which Disney princess all the sisters were. I got Jasmine (no one is sure why but all the Elders supported Elder Ebmeyer, who was in charge of the decisions). I guess I have beautiful hair and also look good with a high pony? I’m okay with that! So, it was Sis Kunz turn and Elder Ebmeyer goes “the one from Shrek.” THE OGRE PRINCESS. It was hilarious. We all laughed for like twenty minutes because Sis Kunz got ogre. IMG_1582Just good.

So, this week in the district meeting we talked about enduring to the end. We decided it should be SMILING until the end. Being HAPPY until the end. we talked about the importance of a smile! One of our greatest tools as missionaries, but ALSO as human beings is just our happiness. I know I won’t speak this language super well, but I LOVE the gospel and I can show it through my smile.IMG_1539

I invite you ALL to spend this week smiling more. Smile when you get angry. Smile when you are upset. Smile because your life is awesome. Just smile. Don’t endure to the end, Smile until the end!

Gordon B. Hinckley said, “Life should be ENJOYED, not ENDURED.”

I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week.

-Sister Azevedo