Here’s week four’s letter from Kate!  Also, don’t forget to check out the pictures page at the top for more pictures of Sister Azevedo!

So this week was a bust. No, I’m kidding. Ever week is SUPER fun, except that also I can not really recall anything from this week and it was pretty fast and not interesting. Oh well, I’ll try to play up some parts for all of my faithful readers at that. I love you too, random citizen. (Watch that movie now.) Anyways, since I last emailed you all the GREATEST thing occurred: I learned how to do a sock bun. Sock bunsI’m not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but it looks dang good. It’s a great Sister Missionary hairdo and I also feel like the fanciest kitten in the world now. Awesome. My bestie/roommate Sister Christensen taught me. She’s a doll. Sister Kunz ALSO tried to learn but she had a harder time. Luckily, I did it for her. I had natural ability or whatevs.bestie

So, my bestie/teacher Irmao Rosemore is basically Benedict Arnold. He has a new district and ditched us. Whatever. Apparently we messed up his accent SUPER bad though and so he talks in a hybrid bad-continental mixed with outdated Brazilian Portuguese accent. LAME. Anyways, we are besties and I might tried to hook him up with Cate before realizing that he just got out of a bad relationship (really, people OPEN up to me for some reason. I don’t know why? Maybe it’s the sock bun? It makes me approachable.) But he still visits. AND it was a blessing in disguise BECAUSE we now have the coolest professor ever. He’s super fiche. (Cool.) He is a convert who grew up in Mozambique! WHAT? That’s awesome! He basically grew up really poor, an orphan, and missionaries met with him and was baptized and he just got back from serving a mission. The Elders in our district LOVE him because they are going to Mozambique. They are essentially being taught by the exact type of person they will go out and teach. That’s cool. Circle of life and all that. Anyways, Irmao Belchior (That’s his name) is just the best teacher. He has amazing grasp of what we need to know and he’s a great help. I honestly do not think that I have ever met someone with a stronger desire to serve others. He is an amazing example. If I am HALF the missionary he was, I will be so excited! I love him. Any girls in Provo need to get at that. Also, he’s 5’6 or 5’7… just a disclaimer.

I had an awesome experience at TRC this week! Normally, you all know that I make terrible blunders. Well, we were speaking about the importance of prayer and I basically invited the member to ask his non-member friends to start praying. Oh gosh. I wanted to die. WHO ASKS THAT? “We want to invite you to talk to your friends about prayer and invite them to try it for themselves.” That’s weird. No one says that. But I did. I was so bummed because I thought I had ruined it. Sister Kunz thought it was weird too. But, when we got our evaluations back, the man had written that when we invited him to talk to his friends about prayer, he felt the Spirit super strong and was very impressed that we would think to say that because he had a friend that could really use that advice. It was great. Awesome experience to feel better about my teaching skills!At MTC

Anyways, now for EVERYONE’S favorite segments:

Elder of the Week: Elder Frazier. Elder Frazier, from Missouri, is not in my district. He is in my Zone. He is hilarious. His mom, Rebecca, sends him the GREATEST cookies in the entire world and he shares them with me because we are besties. We decided, if it was allowed, we would have a bestie photo shoot. He just graduated HS, has the most freckles I’ve ever seen (even though he is tan? I’m not sure how that works. Willow, do YOU know? Genetics should help us all!), and is just a gem. Luckily, I guess I’m into that kind of person. He’s basically a toned-down, mission appropriate Dr. Rih. #blessed

Blunder of the Week: WASN’T BY ME! Whoop whoop. I didn’t have any funny mistakes this week, luckily Sis Kunz STEPPED it up. We were talking about the atonement and she looks at the investigator and says “It was a great time.” It was hilarious. She meant to say a great sacrifice but she said time. We both just made the most uncomfortable faces at each other and then I just said “It was a great suffering, but it has led to a great opportunity for us.” Basically, Portuguese lessons always equal a good laugh for everyone involved. They can be really uplifting, as they should be, but for us noobs, these blunders are the greatest.

Speaking of noobs, Elder Sip and I have a new favorite pass time. It’s basically teach the noobs of the zone weird phrases that are not correct. at all. Like, God is our Heavenly Pineapple. (That’s Elder Sip’s words, not mine.)We will see if they EVER figure out. Oh! also! My favorite thing to do: Someone asks you to take a picture of them! You have two options:

1. Zoom into their face, so when they go back to look at pictures of their district, it is one of the district but like fifteen of JUST their faces smiling. It’s hilarious.

2. Selfies. All I can say is selfies. Take selfies. Take as many as possible without the person noticing. The uglier the better.

Also, these options are dedicated to Elder Owens, who just left for his reassignment in Ohio and asked me to take his departing district photos. You are welcome.

The MTC is awesome! It’s a great place to have fun (as you can all see) but it is ALSO an amazing spiritual experience. I’m so happy to be out serving the Lord, while starting off here. I love it so much!naptime

Thanks so much for reading! I love receiving your dear elders and I can’t wait to love on you all some more! Have purrrrrr-fect weeks!

-Sister Azevedo