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Week Three.

Could not be complete.

Without being DEATHLY ILL.

So, I began week three with my little Sister Kunz feeling a bit under the weather, but it escalated HARD after Tuesday. Kunzie now has a DOUBLE ear infection, as well as a sinus infection, so that was fun. I was feeling pretty dang crummy but I didn’t really say anything because I had to be the mom for Kunz. However, by Saturday I was FEELING it. Turns out, I have “the wildfire”. The wildfire is what everyone calls it out here in the CTM because it’s basically this terrible cold, except that you can’t breathe, you can’t move without coughing up a lung, your chest feels heavy, and your head feels like it will explode. Always. Every second of the day. It’s called the wildfire mostly because no one knows what else to call it and it spreads so fast around here. Anyways, I was able to go out of CTM (MTC in Portuguese, btw) grounds to walk to the health clinic to get this weird medicine for it. That was fun, and last night I was able to sleep so that rocks too! As I’ve begun to discover that there is a new favorite part of my letters, I will have this lead into Anna’s favorite segment: Elder of the week. This week’s elder is: ELDER REED. Elder Reed, a 5’4 recent graduate (valedictorian) turned Mozambique missionary and I both have the wildfire. That means, we bonded hard laying next to the basketball courts watching our companions play as we died and tried to sip water. You could feel the sickness rays coming off of us, but also the friendship rays. Also, I’m not trying to point fingers but he totes had it before me and he sits right next to me in class and he’s the worst and I blame him.

So, other than that, I’ve been PARTYING it up.Festa 2 The CTM is super easy and fun now. Before tragedy struck, I played an AWESOME game of soccer against all the Sisters in my zone. I forgot how much I missed soccer, it had been like over a year since I even touched a soccer ball. I’m still balling though. We don’t count score but I CAN say that my team had more goals, and I CAN say I scored the first one! What up, FCBarcelona? Am I right? (lol) Also, my district (which is just the 12 of us who came in the same day) played another district in volleyball on Monday. We creamed them. Mostly, my district got dem kicks, or whatever the kids are calling it these days… Am I already out of the loop? Not up to date? That’s sad.

Anyways, onto the best part of the letters: the blunders of my lessons. So, this week we taught an “investigator” who doesn’t know if they believe in God because he can’t see God. Oh gosh. So, in my head I decided I was going to talk about how God is like the wind. We can’t see it, but when can feel it (If anyone is wondering, YES the part of A Walk To Remember DID jump into my head to inspire me. whatever. That movie ROCKS) So I start to say that only to discover I have NO CLUE how to say wind. That’s okay though, right? I can say air. Oh, I don’t know how to say THAT either. (honestly WHEN would I have learned that). So, I start to just go for it and I say “air-o”. He seems confused so I am just blowing air and making weird hand gestures until he understands. The lesson went great actually after that. It was just HILARIOUS and weird. All’s well that end’s well though. Also, onto HOW IS MY PORTUGUESE THIS WEEK? Well, my lesson last night was AMAZING. It was with the same “investigator” Vasco and I basically told him my conversion story, in Portuguese! It was great. I was pretty dang proud of myself. I still need to focus a bit more on conversational Portuguese though. I could tell someone all about the gospel but I honestly would struggle saying I have a cat. (Jk, Eu tenho um gato). But, I mean… you know what I mean.

Point sisters

Sister Kunz and I have decided to make “SMARTER” goals for our studying and it has really helped though. We had a speaker on Sunday in Relief Society who spoke to us about our awesome influence even on just one person, and how helping one person has effects far beyond what we think! Which was fun to hear, especially before heading out to Europe where people are less loving towards religion. That’s alright though because I know that if people can see my happiness towards the gospel, they will HAVE to listen. That’s another thing we’ve been hearing a lot lately. We probably will sound crazy when we talk to natives, but as long as we are working hard and doing OUR part, anything GREAT can occur! So, everyone, that just shows we all can do our little part and make great things happen for each of us, in our own lives! Keep that up!

Also, the phantom buzz is real. I will feel my phone go off sometimes. Super weird. Everyone go text someone something funny and watch a movie. Just for me!


Love you all so much! I hope you have an INCREDIBLE week, for I KNOW that I will!


Sister Azevedo