Week Who Knows

So, this week was kind of the same old same old. Nothing SUPER awesome happened. The biggest bummer this week has been that EVERY SINGLE PERSON we contact does not live in our area, so we just have to pass their information on to other missionaries. Which is awesome, but I want to start teaching more people. So, we will just keep up the happiness and hope my people start STAYING in my area.

This week, when we were teaching Stefan he showed us his facebook and his background picture was a picture of all this alcohol. We were like “no Stefan….” and then helped him change it to a picture of the Salt Lake Temple!!! So now, he has just the best facebook ever. It is starting to get to the point that Stefan has been taught literally everything, so now it is like, hanging pictures of the temple up in his house time. I am worried we are going to just have to start talking about Kolob or something in a couple lessons…. Wish me luck! (THAT would be a hard lesson in Portugese)

Also, I met a lady that has my dream life this week. We visit teach a member in the ward who is from England, Tilly. We have to teach her because no one else speaks English. (or at least well enough to give a visiting teaching lesson) So we headed out to her house, which is SO BEAUTIFUL. Her husband and her moved down to Portugal because of his health (Apparently Portugal is the Florida of Europe) and she just lives in a country manor now. It looked like Anthropologie and she has a cute dog. I seriously found my future. She said all she does all day is garden, play with her dog, read, and watch Parks and Rec (okay, she did not say that one but if she really does have my dream life… that would be there too). So yeah, that was awesome. Also she had HEATING. CENTRAL HEATING, PEOPLE. I had forgotten that existed. Wow. It was a great break from the tundra that is Coimbra right now. But hey, I love it just the same.

I hope you all had a great week this week! Sorry this is not too interesting… not much is going down in PortPort this week: Except for rain, that stuff is COMING down this week. Oh, the joys…. ­čÖé


-Sister Azevedo

1. buddha graffiti time

2. swing break, while somehow getting wrapped into babysitting a 12 year old.

3. Ines is ENGAGED. She got engaged over Christmas. How Mormon of her…


Taxi Cab Confessions

(From 1/6/14)

Well, happy New Year my favorite people in the world. I feel like this last week was freaking intense, but basically just because we are in a new year, which means I have written the date wrong like 15 times already, AND Kimberly Eaton is now Kimberly Goodrich. Who saw that coming? Answer: literally anyone who is facebook, instagram, pinterest, etc. friends with her, but whatever. I am still surprised.

So, what did I, as a MISSIONARY do to ring in the New Year? Well, we partied, of course. Sister Dumas and I bought a freaking PARTY pack at Continente. (It was only 3 euros) so because we had to be in the house at ten (oh, I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this, but I am one of those cool missionaries that has a different schedule, where I wake up at 7 and go to bed at 11!! #rebel. Well, not really… Pres assigned it and all that.) But yeah, we had a party for just us two. We used masks and made decorations and then listened to all of the church songs we have that are a little more up beat. (David Archuletta and EFY were how I ringed in 2014) and then we had a photo shoot WITH the gift that the Elders gave me.
new year
A disco bunny really was the perfect addition to the party. We ended the night, at 12:01 yelling about how 2014 will be. I might┬┤ve gone a little “confessions” on it when I starting ranting. “The mish is great and all, but I┬┤m going home this yearrrrrrrrr” might┬┤ve gotten screamed. Oops. All in all, it was good. It was one of my favorite New Years that I have had so far…. but I really did miss singing Les Miserables at Lane┬┤s house… that was just golden!

Anyways, this week we had a conference on how to work with the members MORE and it was awesome, and then the same day we had a meeting with Bishop Pitarma, who was so pumped to learn of this because he had this big, master plan of us all working more together. It was pretty inspired, if you ask me. I love Coimbra so much. The eagerness of the members and the bishop is just crazy. We can call up almost any member, and because we have built such a firm trust with them, they are willing to help us in any way possible. It is so cool! Everyone needs to be this kind of super star member. So, do it! Go call up the missionaries and help them out! It is way great when we have a little help and all that.

So yeah, that was my week. A LOT of other things happened. It rained like, nonstop and Sister Dumas bought rainboots that gave her gnarly bruises. I hate bacalhau and hated it so much. I beat 5 Africans at UNO and we learned Vlad literally has a game every Sunday until May. We are hoping we can just bring Bishop with us to help us figure out whether or not he is in a contract or not. Fingers crossed he isn’t because he is AWESOME and he wants to be baptized. Freaking soccer players. What are you gonna do…

Well, keep it good at home! I love and miss you all A LOTTTT.

bunches of loveeeee,
Sister Azevedo

1. okay, we have a serious problem with loving on all the stupid posters here. why are there two dogs with bling on? IDK. just love it. Puppy photo shoot. required.
puppy bling

2. Also, we are hoping THIS lands on a P-day. I still love Beyonce. Sorry.

The 13 Top 13s of 2013

(From 12/30/13)

If you were planning on just reading a little email about how I spent the holidays, and my birthday, and all that then you will be surely DISAPPOINTED because this week it is all about that NEW YEARS excitement. Am I right? 2014. Who saw that coming? Is it crazy that 2013 already ended? That I only have a YEAR left on my mission? Wow. I think it is pretty insane. To commemortate, I am throwing it back with my the highlights of my mission so far in 2013. Here we go. Hold on to your hats…

Top 13 Friends (oh hey, Myspace. We missed you.)

  1. Leslee O (broooooomance)
  2. Mane (convert besties 4lyfe)
  3. Sister Dumas (something bout that 2 transfers together)
  4. Nick (birthday twins UNITE)
  5. Lo Johns (thanks for the letters, girl)
  6. Eric (blogger, social media expert, whatevs.)
  7. Anna (She keeps me up to date)
  8. Cate and Kylee (my instagram picture life savers)
  9. Ines Almeida (cutest girl in the WORLD. also in my ward.)
  10. Elder Harris (read all his funny quotes)
  11. Elder Richmond (birthday presents equal best friends.)
  12. Sister Christensen (duh.)
  13. Sister Call (still love and miss that girl!!!)

Top 13 Books

  1. The Book of Mormon
  2. The Old Testament
  3. The New Testament
  4. Pearl of Great Price
  5. Doctrine and Covenants
  6. New Era
  7. The Friend
  8. Our Search for Happiness
  9. Jesus the Christ
  10. Ensign
  11. Liahona
  12. Our Heritage
  13. True to The Faith

Top 13 in Music

  1. Anything by David Archuletta
  2. You Raise Me Up- Josh Groban
  3. J Bieb┬┤s Christmas Album
  4. Take It Home- Jenny Phillips
  5. Any string version of a song
  6. Remix Ignition- R. Kelly
  7. Stay- Rihanna (every ringback tone in Portugal)
  8. Careco de Jesus (only if I am singing it with McCaela in Madeira)
  9. Assombro Me Causa- Sister Travis, Elder Bluemel and Elder Harris version
  10. Cake- Rihanna (in honor of all the birthdays
  11. Bright Eyes Christmas album
  12. Grow Old With You- Adam Sandler (WHY is that still in my head?)
  13. Safe and Sound- Capital Cities (okay. That┬┤s one thing Portugal has going for it… this song rocks!)

Top 13 Things My Zone Leaders Have Said

  1. “Those boots are apostate.”
  2. “There are two things my wife will have to put up with: Shaving my legs and flip flops.”
  3. “Have you ever heard of the Blender Bottle?”
  4. Wait, do you have the food? “Sister, we can talk about this on the bus…” (um no… we will have already left it?)
  5. “Wait. That┬┤s a clown snake. Am I the only one seeing this?”
  6. “When did you do that? During Proselyting Time…”
  7. “My eternal babygirl…” (when referencing their future spouse.)
  8. “You need to speak more Portuguese together”
  9. “Figure it out for yourselves, and when you figure it out, don┬┤t call us.”
  10. “You are on a year and half vacation.”
  11. “Dad, you are going to make fun of me, but I just really like the European cut suit now.”
  12. “Do you guys have that medicine.. that kind that helps with like… stuff… like anti-diarrhea stuff… it is for my comp.”
  13. “Oh, you are one of THOSE people.” (that celebrates birthdays)

Top 13 Movies

  1. The Testaments
  2. The District
  3. The District 2
  4. 17 Miracles
  5. Finding Faith in Christ
  6. Together Forever
  7. Epic (Christmas movie for da winnnnnn)
  8. Moutains to Climb (Mormon Message)
  9. Character of Christ- David A. Bednar
  10. The Restoration
  11. The Restoration- full length movie
  12. The Killers┬┤ Mormon.org Profile Video
  13. Mother┬┤s Day Mormon Message (featuring Elder Garcia… WHADDUP)

13 Things I Miss About the Ol┬┤ US of A

  1. Refills
  2. Jeans
  3. Visa being accepted everywhere
  4. Naps
  5. Facebook Stalking
  6. Sushi
  7. Cars
  8. Air Conditioning and or Heating
  9. Sunday Naps
  10. Say Yes to The Dress
  11. Mexican Food
  12. Freedom
  13. Unlimited amount of time to find and play with kittens

13 Things I DON`T Miss

  1. Doing all the dishes
  2. Finals Week
  3. Defrosting the windshield of a car before church
  4. Having to pretend like I don┬┤t hate going to trampoline places
  5. Singles Ward “get to know you” activities
  6. Third Wheeling
  7. Walking to school in the snow
  8. Cate and Shannon┬┤s bathroom cleaning strike wars
  9. Accidentally ice-skating to school
  10. Terrible blind dates
  11. Home Town Buffet… (that place is just the worst.)
  12. Buying a 12 dollar hamburger at freaking Black Sheep Cafe (still annoyed)
  13. American Heritage (I am totally on THAT bandwagon)

13 Best Excuses I have Heard so Far

  1. “I don┬┤t want to be a Jehovah┬┤s Witness” (Me either…)
  2. “I┬┤m Catholic… not practicing.” (okay?)
  3. “I have my own faith.”
  4. “No one┬┤s home..”
  5. “I┬┤m in a hurry” -old lady sitting on bench
  6. “My Parents are Catholic…”
  7. “I┬┤m Muslim. It┬┤s illegal to pray.”
  8. “Church is too early I will be at the discoteca all night before. sorry.”
  9. “I don┬┤t give out my number….”
  10. “I have an ear infection and I can┬┤t go underwater” (after a baptismal invitation)
  11. “I am scared of water” (baptismal invitation)
  12. “The District Leader was there too..”
  13. “My Zone Leaders did it…”

Top Hashtags of my Journal

  1. #FreeHarris2015
  2. #BrazilianChristmas
  3. #FluckigersAngels
  4. #AlmostGotFlashed, #PowerofPrayer
  5. #BlenderBottle
  6. #WhyPortugalWhy
  7. #mishproblems
  8. #CDP
  9. #FromJacobtoElder
  10. #TakingOneForTheTeam
  11. #ShouldITellPres
  12. #NewLiahonaCover
  13. #PerfectWoman (about Elder Garcia┬┤s mom)

Best Moments

  1. Temple Walk visits
  2. Elder Richmond never hearing “Remix” before so all the missionaries begin singing it to him
  3. MTC Muffin Sundays
  4. Elder Richmond giving me a light up LED Rabbit for my birthday
  5. Beating the entire Island of Madeira at Mancola with Joao
  6. Watching EPIC of Christmas
  7. Skyping my familyyyyy
  8. Lulu and Katers MTC Adventures
  9. Sunday Temple Walk Naps
  10. Mane being scared of ET and telling us why for like an hour.
  11. Mexican Night (When Elder Dias taught us all the salsa and we ate tacos)
  12. Elder Dos Santos being able to identify a song after just singing one word. Just impressive.
  13. Drinking Hot N┬┤Cold Hot Chocolate for the first time. WOAH.

Worst Moments

  1. the rendition of “It Takes Courage” on the Mission Christmas CD
  2. Any missionary trying to pronounce “Bacalhau”
  3. Elder Lopes accidentally giving us liquor chocolates…
  4. The time I thought a primary song went high, and it just DID not… and my entire district judged me because I solo squeaked out a note
  5. At a buffet, Elder Dastrup (current AP) had his second and LAST plate be a fruit plate (that is the leadership we have right now…)
  6. Letting Sister Call cut my hair
  7. When I thought Elder Ferreira (scary AP) was Elder Perreira on the phone. Scariest reunion (well sort of) EVER.
  8. Finding cat hair every week in Albertina┬┤s food
  9. Every single time I have tried to rock a bun….
  10. Sister Fluckiger using the word for old woman instead of candle and saying she was going to light one on fire…
  11. The time the elders called us at 6am to make sure we knew that the time change meant we could sleep in and did not have to get up an hour earlier (at 6am…)
  12. Broa and Marco STALKING us.
  13. Sister Nigri AND Sister Call letting me pronounce “Verdadeiro” like an idiot for two transfers

Top 13 Quotes

  1. “I┬┤m just waiting for a rendition of Mean Girls right now..” E. Harris at the primary Christmas program
  2. “I can┬┤t see anything with these stupid glasses on.” -S. Dumas wearing her flasses
  3. “Yeah man… tipo… yeah.” The only words to come out of E. Lopes mouth
  4. “Para mim, PROBLEMA”- Mane. always.
  5. “So, we marked him for baptism. Naturally, he disappeared.” -Elder Dias
  6. “She┬┤s just perfect woman.” Elder Garcia on his mom (in the earlier mentioned video)
  7. “I just like seeing pictures of myself.” -S. Parker
  8. “I think my sister is dead.” “Khloe and Lamar are getting back together!” -Sister Dumas and I
  9. “What┬┤s Pitbull┬┤s first name? I HAVE to know.”- Elder Dos Santos on his idol
  10. “His celebrity look -a-like would be an extra from Coach Carter- me (no judgement… it was funny)
  11. “I love you” -anytime Elder Bezerra said this to Elder Dias with his little accent!
  12. “I can┬┤t find her anymore. I┬┤m thinking she must┬┤ve got taken by aliens or something.” “No, I swear… it┬┤s because we dropped the b word. (baptism)” -Elder Dias and Elder Perreira
  13. “So just remember, whenever you are feeling down… at least you aren┬┤t in a gypsy costume walking around the Provo temple” -life advice from me.

And To finish it off, I want to look back and see the Top 13 Things I have learned on my mission so far…

  1. Piti-Piti covers ANY taste
  2. Asking a black person where they are from is not racist… in fact, you will get a country EVERY time. Without fail.
  3. It┬┤s possible to nap anywhere, anytime.
  4. Elder Harris was a DJ, and had the Thursday night slot at Faces (the gay bar.)
  5. When ending a phone call, one must say goodbye in at least 6 different ways to be kosher
  6. There┬┤s ALWAYS more room to eat
  7. Elder Sorensen┬┤s dad invented the Blender Bottle
  8. My mission has almost ZERO musical talent (figured this out thanks to the christmas cd!)
  9. Always pray with your eyes OPEN on the street
  10. Pasteries rock.
  11. Nothing better than some Dinner, Gym, TALL and additional study to finish off a night at the MTC
  12. Every black person is ELECT
  13. IF you can┬┤t remember a name… you are pretty safe calling them Maria or Joao. (90% of the time, you are right)

Happy New Year Everyone!


Noticias de Chrismukkah

(From 12/23/13)

Santa┬┤s got a brand new sleigh, email┬┤s got a brand new twist.

This week, we would like to make our emails a little different. Firstly, if you have not already noticed, we are combining our efforts, our jokes, our email time, to write a combined letter for the upcoming festivities this week. (namely Sister Azevedo┬┤s birthday, but I guess it could be for Christmas too…)

So, this week as you all settle down and enjoy your luxuries of an American Holiday season, such as skiing down the slopes, and snuggling up by the fire, getting caught under the mistletoe, and waitin for Santa Claus to come to town, we wanted to show you all about how we, as missionaries out in good ol┬┤ Portugal have been spending our time. And, as it says in the bible,”in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.” (2 Corinthians 13:1) So, here are our witnesses, straight from the nightly journal entries of yours truly, Sister Dumas and Sister Azevedo.

Upon our first meetings…

I met Sister Dumas at like, 9:15. We got home and planned quickly so I could unpack. It was uneventful. She┬┤s pretty.” -Sister Azevedo

Well my comp didn┬┤t get here until freaking 9 o┬┤clock at night and she is darling and seriously funny with lots of great clothes. We┬┤re gonna get along just great. beijos.” -Sister Dumas

On Elder Sorensen┬┤s (Chad┬┤s) eating habits…

Today was Elder Maughan┬┤s birthday, we made them Oreo balls for district meeting. Chad literally ate eight before the opening prayer… That kid just goes for it on food, all the time.” -Sister Dumas

It was Elder Maughan┬┤s 20th birthday today! We celebrated HARD obviously with oreo oreo balls, like 80 of them. But freaking CHAD kept on going at them. He ate like 20, and 8 before the opening prayer. The capacity of that dude scares me a little bit.” -Sister Azevedo

Celebrity Sightings…

We contacted Macklemore today! Same hair- same swag- same name, but actually it is Walter. I am pretty sure that Sister Dumas and him need to get married STAT. #weneedpinterestnow” -Sister Azevedo

Today we contacted Macklemore┬┤s twin. He was actually interested in knowing more… holla! Imma baptize him, and marry him in the temple (after the mish) #ineedpinterestnow” -Sister Dumas

Lessons with Members gone BAD…

I swear if one more person brings up the Second Coming in a first lesson I am going to rage.” -Sister Azevedo

Today we gave a chapel tour with Irm├ú **** (name has been concealed for protection), she went big. She talked about Christ visiting the Nephites, Modern-day prophets with counselors, the Book of Mormon, AND the Doctrine and Covenants…. hold up, this is just a church tour.” -Sister Dumas

On Stefan…

We played Jeopardy for FHE and Stefan literally knew more answers than me. He knew the first temple was in Ohio and the last prophet to write in the B.O.M was the Son of Mormon… “Mormoni” ….close. Also Filipe actually gave me a high-five today, Progress. We┬┤re just movin┬┤and groovin┬┤out here.” -Sister Dumas

Okay, so Stefan is going to pass me up in like every aspect of the church. He was reading the Book of Mormon on the way to the activity today. Before MY baptism, I was in like, I Nephi 10 and he┬┤s taking time out to read on the bus. What a champ.” -Sister Azevedo

The Exotic Food…

We totally squeezed our way into THAT dinner. Fun. She served us PIG┬┤S BLOOD. It was actually kind of good, just don┬┤t think about it” -Sister Azevedo

Ate dinner with Familia Cruz and enjoyed the Portugal soccer game… I just got some great views of Christiano Ronaldo (Bo-bo would be so jealous). We ate potatoes, some kind of meat, and pig┬┤s blood… like literally curdled pig blood. ew. I┬┤m gagging. I asked for salt.” -Sister Dumas


And when ye are in the service of your fellow being, ye are only in the service of your God.” -Mosiah 2:17

Today we helped Maria do Carmo again #ExtremeMakeover1847PortugalEdition. This time we cleaned the doll room. Mind you, there┬┤s mold on everything AND no lights. Worst nightmare. The worst part was Maria singing “it┬┤s oh so quite…. shh… shh.. shh.. ” over and over and over again” -Sister Dumas

We had a service project again. (It was a two-part extreme makeover) Last time, a huge wooden thing filled with glass cups tried to fall on me and this time Elder Morse crushed me into a wall with a couch. Oh the JOYS of service. But, other than the 6 lbs of mold (or about 2.5 kilos) in my lungs, no permanent damage occurred. Although, really, that could have some lasting effects.“-Sister Azevedo

So, in closing, Merry Christmas from our house to yours! May your Holidays be merrier than ours, and NOT be filled with pig┬┤s blood, Macklemore look-a-likes and Chad Sorensens!

In memory of Santa Dog,
xoxo Sister Dumas and Azevedo

1. Ohhh Christmas Tree, Ohh Christmas Tree.
(still accepting packages after Christmas.)

2. Merry Christmas from the Zona de Coimbra
Coimbra zone

3.The Fil/Arlindo invalid baptism mix-up. (not as good as the Big Daddy Double Krunch mix up. but ya can’t win em all.) Stay tuned for Skyping on Christmas for fuller deets.

Water Heaters and Dream Coats

(From 12/16/13)

So, I want to start off by giving the one advice I will ever give to any girl who wants to serve a mission or whatever. You definitely NEED to wear skirts that you can run in. Let me tell you whyyyyyy.This week we ran like, a million and a half times. Sometimes from creepy men (the worst part… sometimes they are recent converts! ahh!) sometimes out of random downpours, and sometimes because the elders pulled the MEANEST prank on us, ever. I will start with THAT. So, our water heater had been leaking, and sorry, but I am not a plumber, so I do not know what I am supposed to do with that. We just called and asked the elders who we should call, and Elder Morse goes “wait. what did you just say? your water heater is leaking?” And I am just thinking, well ya… no big deal and he goes, “Sisters. Did you turn off the heat to your house?” and we go no, because why would we. So, Elder Sorensen throws out, “Sisters. Go home. Where are you? You need to turn it off. Your water heater is gonna blow!” And, so I start freaking out. Because, our apartment was going to BLOW up. WHAT? So I am yelling and like, what? And Sister Dumas and I just hang up, turn around and BOOK it. ALL THE WAY BACK TO OUR HOUSE, WHICH WAS UP A MOUNTAIN and like, 15 minutes away. We get there, and the Elders are already there, just laughing. Who is so calculated? I hate them. Also, our water heater still drips… they did not know we should call. I hate them.

So yeah. Lots of running this week: Flowy skirts are my number one. Still. Anyways, this week was pretty good. Sister Dumas and I worked on getting some good meals secured for ol┬┤Natal. We did get our number one and number two pick. But then, through a twist of events that NO ONE saw coming, the Relief Society president accidentally made us give up one of our meals. I am not into it! BUT we will work on Socorro and her family this week. We are gonna try to swing a Brazilian Christmas. Keep your eyes open for THAT hashtag.

So, although Christmas is all about getting meals out of members and stuff, I have really tried this week to focus on the real part of Christmas, Christ. I am ALMOST done with Jesus the Christ, so I have been reading a lot about the life of Christ, which is great. We were having a message with Socorro (which, by the way, means promptings, but she is just this really nice lady from Brazil with three freaking cute kids), and she started talking about how important it is to read the scriptures because you can not really love someone unless you KNOW them, and HOW can we know Christ? By reading about Him. We are given scriptures for our profit and learning, and also to help us grow closer to Christ, by learning about Him and His teachings. So, I have been trying to really study the scriptures while focusing on Christ. Which has it ups and downs because right now I am reading the Old Testament, which we all know only holds the prophecies of Christ, so it is harder to find things about his life in specific. But, I found something really cool that I wanted to share with you all. So, in Genesis, we have the story of Joseph. Now, Joseph was sold into Egypt because of his brothers┬┤ jealousy. While in Egypt, he was first thrown into jail, but afterwards he was living a pretty good life. There was a famine in the land, and he had been given a vision of this BEFOREHAND so he was able to store up much for this famine. So, when his family hears of a man in Egypt with surplus, they go to visit him and see if they can receive something. So, I know what I would do in this situation: tell my brothers to get the heck out of there. But Joseph, in Genesis 45, tells his brothers (after a long process before they find out it is really him) that he knows that this was done for a purpose, for God┬┤s purpose, and because of this, he forgives his brothers. Just like that, they are forgiven. And then today, I was reading in JtheC and I read about when Christ tells Heavenly Father to forgive those who crucified Him. I just thought these are two great examples of forgiveness. Forgiveness is HARD, but we can always know that if Christ was able to forgive those who trespassed against Him, those who betrayed Him and crucified Him, we also can take this example into our own lives and just remember that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us so much and we can show our appreciation for their love by showing our own love towards others, especially through forgiveness.

Just a little thought. I will get off my soapbox now. But, I want to wish you all a very great one week before Christmas! Have a great time eating cookies, and drinking hot chocolate, and studying for finals (try to not hate that), and also just remember that the greatest way WE can show our love of Christ is by loving others!

coimbra at night
amo voces.

Sister Azevedo

Oh hello

(From 12/9/13)

We had divisions to start us off! Which, are always kind of terrible and great. I went with Sister Parker this week and she is really funny and nice. She is from Utah, and she had served in Coimbra three transfers ago, so we spent a lot of the day looking for her old investigators, which I was actually totally okay with because a lot of the people were really cool and have some potential there! We will see… But if we want to talk about good new investigators, I can tell you about Mariana and Louise. First off, they are these super beautiful Brazilians, no joke Mariana looks like the prettier version of Aria on PLLs. And, how did we find them? They came to church. Irmao Magno brought them. And actually, that is a thing. He is constantly bringing pretty Brazilian girls to church, he meets them at school or something, I do not really know or ever ask… So it is kind of the funniest thing ever, but normally they do not live in our area. But, these girls did. They are super hilarious and both are already pretty familiar with the church, so it should be pretty good to start teaching them. I am excited.

We had a stake Christmas party on Saturday. It literally lasted 12 hours straight. Four of them where travel time, on a party bus… what up! And four and a half others were for the LONGEST Primary Program I have been to ever. It was rough. But, you know… all is well in Zion. And, Portuguese Christmas music is so funny so I was totally supporting it. Also, you know that they delivered with the Christmas treats. That is one thing you can always count on with anything having to do with Portuguese people, the treats are going to be so great.

Speaking of Portuguese treats, Sister Dumas and I stumbled across the best place EVER. We have spent the last two weeks searching for hot chocolate. We know it exists because when we ask for it, the word is familiar, just no one has it in their cafe or bakery or whatever. So, we continue on. Well, it was like, 9 o clock on Wednesday, we were FREEZING and walking down Rua de Brasil and I see IT. “Chocolate Chocolate”. We go on it. OH MY GOSH, you guys do not know… So, they had hot chocolate, but that does not matter. Really, they had EVERYTHING ever. Chocolate-ified. I of course, loved it. Sister Dumas and I shared a crepe that was seriously the best thing I have ever eaten. I can not even describe it. Also, I am a little embarrassed I just wrote an entire paragraph about this but also not really because it was just THAT good. Whoop Whoop for Portugal…

Oh, and transfers were yesterday! I am staying in COIMBRA!!! Oh goodness, I am so freaking excited. Also, Sister Dumas and I will be staying together which means I will finally experience the seventh week with a companion. I am excited. Sister Dumas and I get along so well. We just laugh and talk about old songs we used to like all the time. Plus, she supports me in my hot chocolate endeavors. Gotta love that quality in a person, am I right?

Anyways, this week was great. I love Portugal. I love Portugese so much. Everyone needs to learn it so when I get back we can all speak it and just have so much freaking fun together. Oi, e tamb├ęm, podemos falar enfrente de outras pessoas e eles n├úo v├úo saber o que queremos dizer. Fiche, n├úo e? E posso dizer alguma outra coisa sobre isso e os benef├şcios dele. Quando podemos falar um outra l├şngua, temos um talento. Talentos s├úo mesmo importante nas olhas de Deus, ent├úo parab├ęns! Mas, se ningu├ęm de estas s├úo fiche, podes aprender por que queres falar comigo. Isso e exactamente o que quero.

That should covince you.

Oh, that pic, that GEM is me and Donzilia at Daniela┬┤s bday party. Awwww.

Love youuuuuu
Sister Azevedo

From Porto to Lisboa

(From 12/3/13)

First of all, I am DEFINITELY that missionary. THAT missionary. The one that annoyingly says words with accents and all that jazz. I am not sure if that will end or WHAT after my mission but as for now, it is LISBOA, not Lisbon. I am sorry. Please excuse my embarrassing self. Anyways, I went up to Porto last Tuesday and then YESTERDAY I was in Lisbon to do my residency. It was so great, BECAUSE I did not get a p-day and had to chill in basically, Portugal┬┤s version of the DMV… sick…. No, it was actually great because I was able to see all my friends from the MTC! (Well, like half of them…) But, I saw Sis Christensen and Elder Moueller!!!
It was da best. I love seeing all my old friends. And Porto was fun, we had like a 12 sister sleepover. I have never heard so much talk about “the missionary, who is just a friend, I am writing” (oh please…) and the GREATNESS that is BYU. I had never heard that much about BYU in all my entire life, and I WENT there for a year. So all in all, I am just so happy Sister Dumas is my companion. #aggies4lyfe

As for MY thanksgiving, because I really LOVED hearing about all of yours… (Eric got to play with Otis and I will forever be jealous, except also that dog scared me.) I went over to Maria Jose┬┤s house, and it was GREAT. She gave us TONS of food! (MAYBE it was because I told her it was Thanksgiving WHEN I had sneakily made sure we were all invited to the party. She owns a restaurant and I really did not want to eat blood soup like Elder Sorensen did last Thanksgiving…) Also, it was a real Thanksgiving because afterwards she told us we needed to go back the next day and eat the leftovers. GUYS, I HAD THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS. How funny is that? It was so great. I supported it.

And, because it is Thanksgiving I DO have to say that what I am grateful for this Holiday Season. Firstly, my calling. I freaking LOVE being a missionary and that is so lame and cheesy, but it is the greatest experience ever. If you can, GO. I also am so happy I have my companion, Sister Dumas. She is great and hilarious and we have so much fun every day. How do I always get the best comps? I do not know… life is good to me. I am also super grateful for this gospel I represent, how could I not be? I am so happy to just go out and talk to the world about this and the message it has. And of course, all of YOU. My family, my friends, meus queridos. I love you all so hard. Thank you for just being YOU and sending me funny things and showing me love. You all rock. And I love you, Random Citizen. (Somebody? Anybody?)

Also, so this is not TOO lame. I will tell you about the adventures of BABY head to close this story. Did I tell you guys that I had to clean a house these past weeks that is super sketchy? Like, it is really REALLY dirty and it is always an adventure when we clean it. One time, a huge armoire (who remembers how to spell that gem? DANG!) with all these class cups fell on me, except I quick sprinted away so it did not REALLY hurt too bad. No permanent damage. And another time, Elder Morse slammed me into a wall with a couch. So it is always a party. This last time, we discovered a room full of DOLLS, and one was just a baby head. Sister Dumas and I stole it, and now it is baby head.
with creepy baby
We hide it in EVERY place we can imagine to try to scare the elders. It is really, the perfect entertainment for two missionaries. Everyone should get one if possible.

Anyways, have a great week! I love you all. Party in the USA for me, will ya?

Sister Azevedo

Earrings for the Jealous Three Year Old

(From 11/25/13)

Remember how in the United States, when someone has a surprise party, everyone works really hard to KEEP it that way and then at the party go HARD on making it a huge surprise. Right? That is normal behavior…. Well, Portugal is NAWT like that. Last Monday night, the Familia Cruz threw Sister Dumas a surprise party. Except, we kind of knew it was happening because she made us clear our schedules and also told the elders to come too. (okay, red flag.) So, when we get there we are PUMPED for everyone to go crazy, We knock the door, expecting the lights to be off, and us to walk in to everyone going CRAZY, but no one did. No one even told her happy birthday. We walked in and everyone was like “hello” just that. But at the end of the night, we ate cake and everyone kept calling it a surprise party. Sister Dumas and I affectionately labeled it the “ratchet” surprise party of our year, because it was so weird and funny. Maria da Carmo gave me earrings at the party too, so I wouldn’t be jealous that Sister Dumas got a cake (I am happy that people thing that is still a thing, because I supported it.) So… there is a taste of the Holidays from PortPort

Anyways, we have the sickest investigator right now, Vladimir. He is so cool. Seriously. He is from Guinea (of course. Also, someone should really tell me how to spell that word because I have no idea and this computer is in Portuguese so EVERYTHING I spell is incorrectly and also I use that country all the time and have no clue how to spell it.) Also, ALL our investigators are from there and it is sick. Anyways, Vladimir is friends with our investigator Lay (#roomiesandbesties) and so he sat in on the middle of a lesson and just was super interested. We are teaching him tonight. I am excited. Also, here is the cool part. You know how in Europe everyone is OBSESSED with soccer. Like, the professional soccer players are like, celebs and all that jazz. Kinda like pro-football players in the ol┬┤US of A? Well, he plays for Academica! That is the club here. He is like, a sassy pro athlete. And we are teaching him! Isnt that cool? If he gets baptized I am SO requesting a shirt… And I am pretty sure I┬┤d be justified in getting it, right guys? Kewl. Thanks for the support.

So, STEFAN! Stefan is so great guys. Seriously, meu povo, you do not understand his greatness until you realize that he freaking

A. gives us references all the time. He is like, “I was thinking about my friend, Michael, from work and he really needs to learn about the Plan of Salvation. Should I give him a pass-along card.” YA, you BETCHA, INVESTIGATOR. Go for it.

B. Was teaching me about the Kirtland Temple history (umm, ya… that was only SLIGHTLY awkward.) He was reading me stuff he had googled about all the history of the temples and also, he knows how much a ticket to Salt Lake is now… because he wants to start SAVING. Sick.

C. Helped us teach the restoration lesson to Susanna. So, Susanna has the attention span of like a three-year old, so it is really hard to teach her but he helped us out and was bearing his testimony about Joseph Smith and just being great.

Anyways, that family is going to start doing all of their studies together, family scripture study! YES!!!!

How cool was my week? Anyways, I hope you all have the best week ever!

Fiquem suave.

Sister Azevedo

Blood and Baptisms

(From 11/18/13)

Who remembers when I used to yell about how they totally ate blood here and how that is disgusting and how I would NEVER do it. How I would throw up and die before I did that. Oh, but WAIT. I did it. I ate blood last week. Curdled blood. Here is the problem in all of this, guys: I kind of freaking DUG it. It was so good. If I thought about what it was I would get extremely sick, but I did not. I just loved it. Everyone needs to try it STAT, or I can just make it for you when I get home. You are welcome. ­čśë

Anyways, FIL got baptized this week! YES! Is that not the greatest? Anyways, I am not sure if I have mentioned this GEM before, but here it goes:
another guy

Fil Pontes. Homeland: Guinnea (I LOVE me some Guinnea! Seriously, Mane and now FIL!). Fil thinks tithing is really cool and he likes to read a lot. Me and him chatted about Ayn Rand once (ummmm… I hope that is allowed? Also, it was in ol┬┤Portuguese so win for me!) Fil is a lawyer, and he has got the JOKES. Let me tell you. He is FUNNNY. Fil loves the second lesson, HARD. Why? Well, first off, because his dear wife died some years ago, but do not fret… they can be together again! And, when Fil was young, he was at a party and a fight broke out. Being the future lawyer that he was, he went to break it up, and successfully did so BUT in the process somehow got acid thrown all over him, which permanently disfigured his face. Luckily, we know that one day he will be once again in his perfect form, after the ressurrection (the FIRST ressurrection.) So, now, he is starting on his pathway and I am so excited for him! He is the best!

Also, it was Sister Dumas┬┤ birthday this week. I tried to make it super fun, and hopefully I did but it is always hard to make a birthday on a mission a win. She seemed to be pretty excited, I made her the best meal I could think of and served it to her in bed. Oh ya, we have to stay in our beds at all times because it is FREEZING in our house. Raise your hand if you have a heater. If you raised your hand… I officially hate you. g

Anyways, CHRISTMAS is coming up! YESSSSS! Everyone should get really pumped up. Anyways, if you remember that I ALSO have a birthday coming up, or you just want to send me something for only Christmas or whatever, I am leaving my address here. ALSO if you want it to get her FORSURE before Christmas, you need to send it by the 21st, but really… I am down for whatever. Christmas can happen ALL throughout next year if it needs to be. ­čÖé

Here┬┤s the old Mission Home address. Go crazy.
Rua Jorge Barradas
No 14C
1500- 370 Lisboa

Anyways, stay great! Love you all BUNCHES!
-Sister Azevedo

I bake cakes and baptize people.

So, I may or may not have told Stefan that I was a professional baker before the mission. I am sorry, I feel bad, but I really needed to lie to him. BECAUSE, his baptism and wedding are hanging on by a thread, so I had to. So, him and his little fiance, Suzanna, are not very wealthy, and the ward said they would help out with a cake and stuff, but he does not want to feel like he is a burden. So, I just told him that I was a baker before my mission, and so I would be more than HAPPY to whip up a wedding cake for him. So, we will buy one and he will forever think I created this masterpiece. It is a GOLDEN plan if I do say so myself. Also, Suzanna was so awesome. She has NEVER been interested in our message, but last night she asked WHY the marriage was so important, and so we explained the importance of families, and how families can be together forever through the plan of God. We then showed TONS of pictures of temples, and she was like “I want to go there. I want to get married on the 14th, and then I want to get baptized on the 15th (of December), and then a year later I want to go there and get married.” I was like, okay… we can try to make that work. WHAT UP?!?!?

Anyways, that was awesome. That was an example of sweet, awesome Portuguese people. But, I can not lie, not all the mission is sunshine and rainbows. We also have our fair share of crazies. For example, we got WEST SIDED this week. A man who we were talking to outside his house, whipped out the west side sign and told us that Jesus was a gangster, and he is one too. It was super sketchy. Sister Dumas and I were like “sick. But, we gotta go dude, so stay fresh and also do not kill us.” (or at least that is what we thought as we quickly sprinted away.)

Also, I LOVE the ward here. It is so great. All the members are so sweet and happy and they always are down to help us. Also, they feed us all the time, and it is always good. This one Brazilian member goes SO BIG and I just support it. Brazilian food is so freaking yummy. Actually, for P-day today, we are all going out to get some food from a Brazilian restaurant. I am excited because they have friend bananas, and those things are off the HOOK! So ya, as you can probably already guess, I freaking love Coimbra with my whole heart. I love Portugal. Dang.

Oh, and if any of you are wondering about how the whole “language” thing is going, because, I guess I am out here NAWT speaking English, in Europe? (hmmm… who knew?) I would have to say that Portuguese is going great. I love this language. It is really fun to speak and I really understand basically all of it, sometimes I will not know a word or two but that is alright, I get the general idea of everything. So ya, if anyone ever needs to take a trip and wants to have a translator or guide or something, I am totally down. Buy me a plane ticket and we can make this happen. I am down, for sure!

Anyways, stay fresh and send me a letter or something. I like reading about how awesome you all are doing!

Sister Azevedo